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Need help with how to diagnose electrical problem with DIC readings, temp guage airbag lite, but cluster checks out ok.
Daughter drove it home about 20 miles, sat untill she turned 18, about 8 months. We put a new battery in it cranks but wont fire. Sprayed starter fluid and fires a few seconds then nada. Could it be the relay or does...
and the oil made it look like I had a blown head gasket, since the oil was shooting though the air filter..And coming out out the tail pipe.
A year ago my HVAC control deck stopped working but it would kick on for a moment after hitting a bump. The blower blows constantly, we've replaced the deck and the programmer but it hasn't worked... Has anyone had th...
I can't hear my fuel pump come on. The car has high miles but runs great. I shut it off and went to start it and it won't turn over
My wire and I just purchased we put new batteries in key fob now security goes off lights and horn for about 5 minutes took out batteries stopped horn but security light remains on is this normal?????
So I have changed the magnet under the timing case as well as the camshaft and crank sensor. I have changed the starter, ignition switch, ignition cylinder, battery, engine control module, and I think thats all "ignit...
Im about to buy a 1999 buick park ave and its been sitting for about 2 years now. The previous owner said the she stopped driving it because she got a different car, and its been sitting for a while and she said she w...
My park ave will crank but not fire. i cant hear the pump kicking on. i had it running just ideling and it quit like it ran outta gas but i added gas and now it just cranks. i wonder if my fuel pump could have gone ba...
Heater just up and quit
It will shift and n to 4th gear. Why want it shift 2nd and 3rd
in rainy or wet conditions. What is this issue due to?
One is big the other is smaller line is by rec dryer 97 Buick park avenue
intermittent problem but daily amp gage needle starts bouncing car shuts off and on rapidly put trans out of gear shut key off restart runs fine till next time
My car is a 94 Buick parkavenue Series one 3.8 ltr v6 173,000 miles
Air conditioner blows hot on driver side, cold on passenger side. What is the problem?
I've just changed the theromostat and my car (97 Buick park avenue) and is still running hot after 20 min of running, and don't see my water pump leaking at all. So what else could it be
the 1994 Buick Park Avenue I just bought has 170,000 miles.. It runs like a top, has had regular maintenance.. The engine is sound. I was wondering at what mileage is the timing chain due to be replaced? Do...