Replaced all gaskets. injectors swapped and new coils only thing I think of is crack in head I didn't see and once warmed up expands causing miss fire is that possible it's only in cylinder 1 so I kinda ruled out cranks sensor any thought would be great car gas sat for bout 2 years I do start jet run it was my dads car after he passed I kept it I like to fix and use as a driver

stopped working one day, cant see fuse that links to it, had someone try replace cluster board, still not work

What would cause the transmission on the Buick 2002 Park Avenue to start making a thud noise when it shifts gears? My car has just started doing that since the transmission fluid was replaced a little over a month ago. The problem is not apparent when the car is cold. But after it warms up, it becomes very apparent.

The needle goes all the way aroung and stopes at the left peg.

I have not seen any inner tie rods for the rear

i separated the tie rod and back of the lock nut but it seems like the end is stuck.

this car really jumps left when hitting a bump, I hear an air pump when it initially starts so I take it it has an air ride system

I have a Buick park avenue ultra super charged motor

when i get to 3/4 full the gas gauge acts normal. Whats going on with this gas gauge?

what is trouble code p0401 and how to fix it?

out of exhaust. I do not know where antifreeze is going check engine lite came on now

On bumps it moves to the right and feels out of control for a second.

When trying to start it drains the battery.In fact I charged the battery and eventually it ran out of juice again.Normally when turning the ignition even if it doesn't start it sound strong while trying to crank up.But now it sound very weak when trying to crank up.

The car was damage at the front. Need to get this airbag computer to replace or regenerate . Where i can found? Thank you

car wont start without a jump. the coolant drains completely and immediately once car is started and a hose sucks in?

What do I need to do buy a engine or can someone help me with a reasonable fair price (estimation) of prices

Put a quart of brake fluid in and it leaked out. Saw the hole. Car is in great shape otherwise. This just started. Car has been sitting and no one was driving it.

My front power windows are binding up. What can I do to fix this problem? I have replaced the guts for the power window in the drivers side and the window is still giving me problems. I also replaced the regulator. Please help me find a solution?

Would there be a hose that burst?

It has 256,261 miles

My car keeps bogging down and has even shut off while driving. Thought I would start with the spark plugs but I can't get to the back three, do I have to rock the engine or what? my car is also an Ultra.

i am getting no spark to all cylinders, no codes showing

Odometer stopped working , one day it started to work then quite in a day, what could be the problem?

you turn the key over and u can here the fuel pump it has power its just not cranking to fire up IS IT MY THEFT SYSTEM OR MY STRTER

When I purchased the car the car dealership could not find the key so they had a locksmith come out and rekey it. Now the rekeyed key has been lost but the original key was found. When put the key in it turns on and lights and radio work but will not crank the car. Is there something I can do to get the key to work again to start the car without having to call a locksmith?

Car was running but needed a water pump and intake gaskets UT after it was put back together it is not getting any fire to spark plugs

Installed new blower after old one seized. New blower would not activate. Also replaced burned BCM connector. Still no blower activity. blower works when bypassing BCM with jumper wire. Gray/black wire shows 7.9V at all fan speed settings.

Update: Pushrod I have an update on my 1997 Park Avenue, engine compartment ticking sound. My mechanic could not make a definitive diagnose, so he asked the mechanic next store that works on transmissions and he said it could be a hairline crack in the fly wheel, is that possible? Please let me know what your thinking. I had an estimate done over the phone and the price is $66.18 + tax for the part for a grand total of $720.18 with labor. Please help me rule this job out?