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the car generally runs fantastic it just started this hesitation.when you are accelerating from a dead stop the car sputters as if it is on that ground by a toll. But if you roll just a bit first it goes just fine! af...
was an intermittent problem, if you waited 20 minutes it would start. now nothing. could the passkey iii be a problem? what alarms would prevent cranking over?
the one had a bad motor in it i changed motor and transmission both i unplugged the wiring harness and pluged it right back up after i changed them now i cant get it to start with the switch but it will start with a s...
Cruise does not work is this electrical or in The turn signal handle ?
I already replaced the intake manifold gaskets. I don't see any leaks or smoke and it runs fine. The engine sounds great, but recently was down 3 quarts of oil
Like the windshield, struts and springs?
Usually stays on until I turn engine off, Could this be a sensor or something more serious?
Car was running totally fine until I went to start it and the motor wouldn't crank and I heard a god awful grinding kind of noise. I don't know how to describe the sound but all my accessories work just fine but car w...
It started fine but after I turned it off, it would not start again it acts like its out of gas, there is a quarter of a tank of gas in it.
three power windows won't work
This vehicle doenst have dual climate control can this problem be diagnosed with a code reader?
it won't go in reverse either. it happens more so in the cold but it seems to be happening more and more. It eventually kicks in and drives normal. the car belonged to my mother and it only has 90,100 miles on it.
My car alarm goes off at random times. How do I disarm it
.is it metal or aluminum and is it top or bottom
is there a reasonable price garage in my area of raymond new hampshire 03077