it runs rough and smokes u der the hood an inside the car

Does your car just starts doing that right away or is it that someone put something in our tank

It does not work for the doors or for the truck and a new battery did not fix the probelm

the car running hot start smoking but the water not hot when he took the radar cap off no leaks he flush all hose radar as well what could it be wasn't doing that till after the heater core got replace didn't take it to know shop still not getting hot like it should never been flush I got lupus please help me

it has good gas flow to in take old key is wired into the harness

Car started leaking transmission fluid. Found out the back housing of my transmission was busted. Put another one on. And it cracked and broke on the end. What all do I need to checked to prevent that. axle has been changed.

Cost of repair estimate, $800. What if I don't repair?

I have cleaned out the over flow jar and
flushed out the heater core to no avail.

Car running hot after only driving five miles from home.

it also kicks cruise control off too

shifts properly, but when I accelerate it makes this clack pop noise CV axle has been checked. Can you please tell me what that noise can be.

2000 Buick Lesabre transmission problems.

2000 Buick Lesabre transmission problems.

Upper and lower manifold gaskets, oil pressure sensor, oil pan gasket and assorted other sensors replaced about a month ago. Now after 1500 miles there is a knock sound in the engine. Never had any problems withe the car. Started an oil leak and got it fixed. Now this knock. I'm 100 miles from home is it safe t o drive it?

If the air bag deployed and the dashboard has lifted up and and the air bag deployed on both sides is the car repairable?

Put a new fuel pump in tank. Now it's driving very badly. Skipping, jumping does not wanna go when I mash the gas pedal. Can you please tell me what to check to fix it

why does my car stop running every 10 minutes and only start up again after sitting for 10or 15 minutes

my 1991 buick le sabre stops running after about 5 or 10 minutes. It will start up after not running for 10 or 15 minutes of rest like it stops when engine is warm and then runs again after cooling down.

the weather seems to have a lot to do with how far it will go before it quits

Car still running and speed doesn't change when tach drops to 0, but acceleration also seems to be compromised. Turning car off and back on usually stops this for awhile. Does shifting depend on tach reading? Am I doing damage to something by continuing to drive?

replaced MAP, spark plug/wires and gaped plugs now engine has no vacuum at idle and sound like it is missing though firing order has been check and rechecked but vacuum works while driving about 40 mph, what should I check and how should I go about checking it.