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I have tried to drive it and it drive ok.

it was not this morning when I went too work but when I started this afternoon after work it was on

unplug radio to put new radio could not find adapter replace the same radio now there no light display.

radio does not show power is on. dark display

Re placed crank shaft pulley and mass air flow sensor check engine light is off but still doing the same thing. Please help I'm a disable woman and don't want a garage to screw me over

I was driving and all of a sudden the wheels seem to lock

If battery had died put charge starts runs fine turn off after 15 min wont start unless its jump off

Is it possible it could be the contact wire to the starter I understand it might be a purple wire with a fuse in it

No turn over lights that I left on dashboard is the security light the battery light and check engine soon what could be the problem have remote starter click it twice it goes to the procedure of like it wants to start but then just goes dead

it Runs rough but still switches gears

it runs rough and smokes u der the hood an inside the car

Does your car just starts doing that right away or is it that someone put something in our tank

It does not work for the doors or for the truck and a new battery did not fix the probelm

the car running hot start smoking but the water not hot when he took the radar cap off no leaks he flush all hose radar as well what could it be wasn't doing that till after the heater core got replace didn't take it to know shop still not getting hot like it should never been flush I got lupus please help me

it has good gas flow to in take old key is wired into the harness

Car started leaking transmission fluid. Found out the back housing of my transmission was busted. Put another one on. And it cracked and broke on the end. What all do I need to checked to prevent that. axle has been changed.

Cost of repair estimate, $800. What if I don't repair?