I cannot turn my car off it stays running and the key will not turn it seems to be getting stuck in the ignition it happens all the time

engine light on after warm up or long idle goes out but at almost every stop and take off wants to stumble .took to shop and scanned ...said 2nd gear and TCC solenoids are bad ..transmission fluid is good color and runs good other than when first taking off . Does that sound like problem?

I changed lights. Fuses all.

I replaced the cam shaft sensor

rough i thought it was the fuel put in additive it didnt work i had my mechanic look at it he changed the fuel pump the crank position sensor the module and the fuel filter cleaned out the throttle body i picked up the drove it home the whole time it had a low idle drove it with two feet to keep it running arrived home shut the car stasrted it later on and back to the same problemm car starts and runs rough step on the accelerator and the car stalls was told to change the fuel regulator the car ran rough shut it down started it again and it ran strong took it for a test drive car ran great shut it down thinking i solved the problem started it again lator on and thw same problem riugh running cutting off when you use the accelerator i posted these problems on this site and was told to disconnect the maf sensor it worked car responded to the gas pedal and the hand throttlling i changed the maf sensor and the car ran great good idle responsive took it for a test drive about a quarter mile into the ride the motor starts to break up unresponsive to ythe peddle came home shut it off came back out an hour lator the car started right up took it for a ride car ran good responsive strong came home shut it off started it again and the same problem car is running rough step on the gas and it stalls i cant seem to figure out the problem any help would be greatly appreciated no codes and no check engine lite thanks

been having a problem with the car runing .i start the car it idles when you put it in gear it stalls,figured it was the gas added gas treatment it didnt work had car towed to mechanic good friend honest went over the car changed the fuel pump with delco replacement changed the module under the coi;s cleaned the throttle body changed the fuel filter the car was running for him all day i went to pick up the car drove it home it stalled as i stopped at lites started right up and felt like it had a low idle drove it home with two feet keeping it running to prevent the low idle from making it stall arrived home shut the car next day started the car same situation it started once you added a littlegas peddle to increase idle it would stall i then changed the fuel pressure regulator car started ran a little rough shut it down figured there was a little air in system (fuel line)started car again it ran great better then when i picked it upp from the mechanic it was strong and responsive thru the accellerator took it for a test drive it ran and responded great just like it always did came home shut it down started it again had my son take it for a ride same results ran great shut the car down again went inside my home came out an hour lator and the same problem occurred car starts runs rough when you give it a little pedal it stalls starts up and runs rough increase the idle thru the pedal or under the hood manually and it stalls cant seem to figure out the problem no codes or any check engine lite any help would be greatly appreciated thank you also forgot to add the crank position sensor was changed also

Sometimes wnt start unless i give er a lil gas. And its getin were its doin the sputtering everytime but once i get it to going good it stops and gains power again

at first the switch only worked on the last two positions up to high speed. now non of the switch positions work. how do i trouble shoot it?

I have a 2002 Buick Century Limited edition and the gas gage has been going crazy. If I sit for a minute on a hill it reads no gas and then the dinging goes off to tell me that I have no gas....But if I fill it all the way up its fine....Until it gets to about 3/4 of a tank then that's when it goes crazy....I never really know how much gas I have do to this....Please help....Its been doing this for a while now....Thank you.....Jennifer

got fluid, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it shakes in high gear

Climate controls seem to be operating fine. When the problem 1st began, it went back to blowing cool 2 days later w/o any repairs.

Replaced electric fan motor, radiator is circulating good, water pump not leaking.

Service engine light on and went off on own prior to coil and filter can I unclog cat? Told replace

Now I can see everything on the odometer just can't see the miles on it nor when I I put it in park,drive, reverse, neutral. So what could be the problem

The only issue I am having is: it's dripping oil when parked. The oil drippings are fairly small. ( about the size of a QUARTER). I had Intake Manifold replaced by friend of a friend in DEC. of 2012. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Brian J. Butler
P.S. BTW Mechanic is not yet Certified. Attending Mechanic school this month. He does have experience thou..

later went to start it and started right up. there is little lag in the starting but has started each time. this happened about a week ago. worried if it is the starter, ignition switch or gear range finder in tranny.

after replacing both & i past the emission part oif the smog but the check engine light still reads o2 sensor

05 Century has over 227K miles. Have the oil changed regularly, been running full synthetic for over a year. 7 months ago replaced the thermostat, only knew it was stuck open because it failed emissions test. Problem #1 A few weeks ago it suddenly smelled of burning antifreeze. I drive about 500 miles a week some heavy traffic through Boston area, car does not overheat, AC worked last summer but not now. Heat seems to work fine, defroster is not working as well as it used to. The stench inside the car is awful, can't smell it outside. Not sure if it's relevant, but there is a glob of dried orange gunk where the water pump connects to the head. (car takes dex cool) it's been there for a very long time and doesn't get bigger.

Problem #2
Car started clacking at low speeds front right wheel area. Nothing looks broken or damaged except the upper strut mounts are severely corroded due to horrible winters here. I watched a video of a car being driven with a bad strut mount/bearings and it sounded exactly like mine. Almost like a trotting horse, and stops at around 25-30 mph. Can't feel it in the steering wheel and seems to corner fine. I have had cars with issues with a control arm, broken sway bar, and worn tie rods and this doesn't feel or sound like those did.
I'm just hoping someone can give me an idea if my suspicions are correct. I'm a single female and tend to get the runaround, even at reputable shops. My son and nephew who are back yard mechanics are planning to do the repairs.

93 buick century my reverse dose not working all others are working only the reverse is not working