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someone was going to do a cooling system flush/back flush on my car, he put the TEE in the vacuum line for the breaks instead of the line coming off the firewall and put water in the hose now I have been told there is water in my engine but it is not seized up but it won't start. HELP please I don't know what to do or how to fix it to get me car up and running again

Why does the motor rev up till it warms up

WHAT CAN BE DONE? Its a 2004 Buick Century.....thank you for fast responce

I have an intake gasket leaking coolant in the back of my 2002 Century Buick engine.
The shop told me it shorted out my starter. If I replace the starter will
this happen again in a short amount of time?

We replaced MAF sensor.Crankshaft sensor. Temp Knock sensor.Fuel pressure regulator.,controle module computer box.,coolant temp sensor. Plugs and wires Pcv. and Fuel Pump. And 1 fuel injector replaced.

I Turn engine off and start it again will work ok until it do it again.

when putting in gear stalls, when putting on brakes stalls , without turning on lights parking light are on ., Help! Done put $2000.oo in and no results.

Just bought the car 2weeks ago temp gage just started going up and down and now my heat only works.sometimes.

After it comes up the window will not go down again until it is started again

No burnt fuses. All lights and cruise work.
Replaced relays. The darn turn signals just wont come on, not even light up on the dash.
What else could it be?

It's been about a month or so that it's been happening. It's only at night that it's a problem as there's no problem seeing the speedometer during the day.Thank you.

Changed the front tires the same day lights came on. Tried disconnecting battery to reset computer but the lights come back on. What can be wrong

I'm unable to see the mileage on my car. Everything else is working fine.

Our car was towe and when we got it back it was hard to turn left really had to pull stirringwheel. While trying to find out why, driving it now the stirring wheel locks n now it's hard to turn at all