Put fluid in mash on brakes all I hear is air. Fluid leak on ground

If it is a pressure control solenoid do you have instructions on how to change it myself on the mechanically inclined Individual

My 92 buick windows don't roll down and horn don't work

Ilut a newfuiel pump on it cha ged other parts that may be the promble why it won't stay running it will stratfor amin or two and when you go to restart it it won't stratifyou turn the key on you ha e totrun the key of a dback on three or for to.e and it .might start and might ot

recently had work on it, intake manifold was repaired, the following night car starts to overheat radiator goes out had it replaced along heater hoses the the water pump but what ive noticed is that the temp. gauge goes passed the half mark to the point that its in red. i dont hear my fans go off... but when i turn on the ac the work to keep the engine cool, but i dont it starts to heat. i dont know what else can it be.

my ac cold last month but now its blowing warm air

I've had this car for 22 yrs and 10 yrs ago my tranny solonoid went out so the un-plugged it and since then I get a check engine lt and a code 26 27 28 .,ashop told me it was tires another said i needed a new computer @$500

Also when I hit my power door lock manually on the door I have to hit it twice the first time it never works it seems like I have the exact same problem as G Vegas who wrote you last year

It happens all the time sometimes it will die while driving as well. OBD is still giving faulty TPS reading.

Is there something other than wiring that I should check? ALso, the coolant temp is good; all the hoses, water pump and coolant are new.

Its a 1990 buick century limited with a 3.3L V6. It starts for just a second and dies. We thought it was a fuel problem so we replaced the fuel pump, in line filter, And i just replaced the fuel pressure regulator. and it still doesn't start. we also put sea foam in the tank as well to clear any gunk. Pls Help.

But i have no panel lights n the windows want go down

checked fuel pump and filter, checked vacuum hoses, several people have looked and said nothing is wrong? but problem persists

Revs in drive but will move in reverse....stopped going forward at stop sign

I have a 1997 Buick Century 3100. My problem is that the car starts off ok for the first 20 - 30 minutes, after that when the engine is warm/hot the transmission starts to slip and eventually the transmission will stop driving the car even though it is in gear. Can anyone tell me what the problem is. Thank you.

I had bought a new battery about 2 months ago and it was working fine. Yesterday my battery wasnt working so my husband jumped it and it was working fine. Now today i go to unlock it by the remote and nothing so i unlocked it manually amd try to start it. Nothing came on, no clicking or sound was being made. This car has had a 5,000$ repair, so my mom says. I had bunch of other problems when i got this car and yet im still having more issues. Do you know if i might need to test the battery or if i need a new starter?

About to buy a 1997 buick century.. Need to know the cost to fix the digital gauge before buying!

When driving all the time. When vehicle is stopped, it stops too. Definitely not the brakes. No shaking, just a humming singing type of sound.