my ac cold last month but now its blowing warm air

I've had this car for 22 yrs and 10 yrs ago my tranny solonoid went out so the un-plugged it and since then I get a check engine lt and a code 26 27 28 .,ashop told me it was tires another said i needed a new computer @$500

over heating

Also when I hit my power door lock manually on the door I have to hit it twice the first time it never works it seems like I have the exact same problem as G Vegas who wrote you last year

First thing in the morning after turning it on and turning it off to run an arran. When i got back in the car to leave the car wouldn't start.
When I took the key out and moved the steering wheel up and down a couple of times it started. This happened twice and both times the car started back up after a couple of tries.

Could it be my transmission going or on my car

My car was parked in my garage overnight & there was a large pool of dark reddish oily fluid under the car in the morning. I initially thought it was under the right front wheel but after looking at the stain on the floor again it was in more of the center of the front end and then ran toward the passenger front tire. It has not had one drop of fluid since. I checked under the car and did not see any fluid spray anywhere. Anyone else experience this or know what it might be?

Odometer stopped working , one day it started to work then quite in a day, what could be the problem?

Car was towed and still at a Buick service to figure out problem. It has been 5 days.

The outside temps are in mid 90's, Coolant rez is full. No odd noises.

Under the back seat where the battery is, there's water also. The battery is sitting in about an inch of water.

you turn the key over and u can here the fuel pump it has power its just not cranking to fire up IS IT MY THEFT SYSTEM OR MY STRTER

when car is in drive mode, a winding noise is coming from the rear axle. as you speed up the noise gets louder and levels out at about sixty mph. starting out at low speeds the noise is very low. tires have been balance rotated and checked out ok.

This problem just started yesterday afternoon. Then this morning it was fine. But this afternoon it started doing it s again.

It happens all the time sometimes it will die while driving as well. OBD is still giving faulty TPS reading.


Seems to go away when car is not at idle

Is there something other than wiring that I should check? ALso, the coolant temp is good; all the hoses, water pump and coolant are new.

It just started the car was running fine it won't turn over completely i checked the spark plugs and they are all getting fire relay censors good no gas pressure though from line it's only dripping out but it's gas in the car I don't know what to do what else to check please help me