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In park it idles low and wants to stall and when idling in drive it acts like its out of gas and bogs down and check engine light comes on
How do you change the back up light on this auto
why would my key not be working to unlock doors or trunk? when did finally get in with basic door key, the ignition ket turns but no lights or bell is working. Please help. i dont know where to start
at service station they plug in to check but on my end there is no response from the car
heat works but does not cook
What is the labor cost for a front brake job on a 98 Buick century?
in rainy or wet conditions. What is this issue due to?
Tried playing with controls switching from AC TO HEAT, in creasing fan speed etc. After car warms up after 5 or 10 miles driving - fan starts working fine - both ac and heat. doesn't do this when its warm outside - ...
Temp is adjusted by a slide bar. At first bar was on cold /cold air came out. Thermostats open tried to slide it to hot and got cold air. So I check the fuses by pulling them out and now I have only HOT AIR? Is there ...
Doesnt look like water pump gasket.what is that hard rubber line from housing to block?could that be the culprit or housing be cracked?
check engine light is on code says its the cat.conv. is there a fix besides replacing
One is big the other is smaller line is by rec dryer 97 Buick park avenue
According to the test results, my car is a GROSS POLLUTER. it shows the following FAILS; 1.) Fuel Cap Functional 2.) Fuel Cap Visual 3.) Fuel Evaporative Controls Functional 4.) Fuel Evaporative Controls The AS...
Any idea where to check for the short?
If it is a sensor where is it located on the cooling system
intermittent problem but daily amp gage needle starts bouncing car shuts off and on rapidly put trans out of gear shut key off restart runs fine till next time