"clunk" when a bump is hit

my car sounded like a lawn mower then the two spark plugs blew out of motor what would cause this

when you shut it off wait a few minutes and it goes again

The transmission fluid blew out in our way hm from a friends house comes to find out the plug cams out

I need to know how to hook up a used computer

oil pressure is fine .changed oil recently

Heated seats not working also auto start not working or park assist disabled

when i get to 3/4 full the gas gauge acts normal. Whats going on with this gas gauge?

Wipers (all) wont work have tried all the above what else can I do?

I need to change the spring in the ignition

I don't notice noise while driving but it is not very loud so it could be there. The noise seems to be in between front and back seat or center and coming obviously from underneath. Any ideas. Thanks.

I have replaced the ignition and the safety neutral switch. And if you put it in park and wait for a minute or two it will shut off some times

what is trouble code p0401 and how to fix it?

I set the alarm and an hour or so later the alarm goes off this is intermittent. Has anyone else seen this or an idea why.



Had fuel pump replaced last Friday now the starter and battery and oil pressure dripping. Does the fuel pump breaking have anything to do with it??

What needs repairing and the cost of repair. Repair code C0267

out of exhaust. I do not know where antifreeze is going check engine lite came on now

For the straining wheel

30 psi but when I'm driving it shoots up to about 60- 65 psi. Could it be a bad oil pump or filter or is that normal?

I disconnected battery it stopped then wait a awhile and put cable back tried to start again radio came in seat moved forward but would not start do you think it is the battery ?

Now the car don't move or go into park I also have to apply the emergency brake

Or move into park,reverse,or drive?

the L shaped tube leaking( by water pump ) , having to put engine coolant in fast to stop it from over heating. How is this replaced?

I think it could be the MAP sensor or a faulty ignition switch... because it can't be the fuel injector system because it stays at 30 psi when it is off but when I try to crank it over she goes up more than 30. Even when I pump the gas it still doesn't stay on.. I don't know what it could be??

ac is putting out cold air on passenger side hot air on driver side can you help.

Why do I get a clicking sound when I turn the ignition key to start the engine

It want adjust on airflow up and down as far as pressure blowing lights come on the control panel but doesnt work except in morning

electric fans are working about 15 minutes of running it starts overheating it will put a thermostat in if that's what it is how long does it take to put a thermostat in a Buick Rendezvous 2004 my husband is a Certified mechanic but some people keep saying it's going to be a long time some people say it won't be long at all he's never done one on this kind of vehicle so I'm kind of wondering if maybe you could help me out with a little suggestion tell me do you think that's what it is well appreciated my name is Christie thank you so much I'll be waiting for an answeranswer...