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My park ave will crank but not fire. i cant hear the pump kicking on. i had it running just ideling and it quit like it ran outta gas but i added gas and now it just cranks. i wonder if my fuel pump could have gone ba...
Heater just up and quit
the light keeps coming on i ran out of gas today the gages went dan i dnt know what the problem is..could somebody help me with this question
Were is the ingition module on a 97 Buick Lasabre 3.8
I have a tremendous loss of power and it also doesn't like to start right away
Fuses and fuel pump good new fuel filter
I fixed the alternator and changed the spark plugs, change the ignition module and my starter is good. I have a push button from the starter to the battery and it turns over but won't start please help
It will shift and n to 4th gear. Why want it shift 2nd and 3rd
no I replaced water pump and radiator thermisthed water hoses.
It only does it sometimes and it seems to fix itself but sometimes it wont start for days
it will spit and sputter and blow black smoke out the exaust
Still has power to the rest of the vehicle , after it cools off 15 minutes or so will start back up and run normal for a while
im having a time trying to replace the fan relay where is the relay location
It makes the sound everytime when I make a turn.It was recently check, new rods have been added and the brakes all replaced.
i have been having hesitation during acceleration and when I'm been going uphill.before it started I have my car to spit,sputter and quit on me with the check engine light on, waited bout 20-30 min.car would start aga...
I can feel a jerk at times at lower speeds. Also a jerk at interstate speeds. Will kick out of cruise sometimes. No lights come on to tell of a problem.
I turn my head lights on and only the driver side low beam works I turn the high beam on and the passenger side works only I have no low beam lights??
Won't enter program mode for new key fobs, no 3 beep for program mode. And when locking with car door button it chirps 3 times but no lock till hit button again, every time. Horn does not work also. Just bought car...
When I use the front power door lock the back two doors don't lock. Also the back two windows won't roll up or down. It's as though there no electrical getting to the windows and door locks.