The car shifts well and after it gets warm the transmission goes into safe mode and starts off in 3rd gear.

Car just don't start after driving, but an hour or two later it will start again. I replaced starter and the problem persist.

temperature gauge rises to show red, then settles to middle when driving, goes red when at stop. Same route may have no change in gauge the same day under similar conditions

Message: Trans. Falsafe prog. PNRD non of them is in subrillance Eventhough your are runing
What could be the problem please help

This car has been great with no problems until I took it to NTB to have oil changed, then 2 days later began getting rough idle and the check engine light came on and then began flashing. They forgot to put the oil dip stick back when changing the oil, and had to replace several gaskets and the oil sender unit (I think), now they want to replace the spark plugs and cables because of pin 4 misfire ( they told me that is what is causing rough idle, because evidently oil got into the spark plug and coil ). Not sure if they are just stabbing in the dark and guessing. I feel like the messed something up when they did they oil change, but don't know enough about it all to find out. Maybe I could repplace the spark plugs and coils myself, but not really sure if that is really the problem

the light goes off again when the car starts to roll under accelartion and only comes on again when it comes to a stop and the brake is engaged and goes off if put into park

No change in way vehicle drives or handles, but book says to have checked out asap!

AC nor heater will come on in X5 BMW after switching back and forth.

Only leakes when engine is on. It flowa from the middle not sure if a bolt goes there or is suppose to be open.

All the lights inside the car flashing and dimming

- Front Lower Control Arms (Tork) Bushings Cracked (Labor $305/Parts $160
- Right Front Drive Axle Broken (Labor $238/Parts $503)
- Replace Steering Angle Sensor and reprogram (labor $247/parts $365

On machine and code p1092 came on want to know what this code means.thanks

Changed water pump, car does not overheat but upper radiator
Hose disconnects from expansion tank under normal operating temp

I recently had the water pump and thermostat replaced on BMW X5 4.4i. Since that repair it appears that I have a real bad oil leak.

Question 1. Could it be the oil pan drain plug is loose and needs to be tighten.

Question 2. If something was not done properly when the water pump and thermostat were replaced would it cause an oil leak to occur?

Thanks in advance for your assistance and if you have any other suggestions please provide.


at times the motor will crank longer than normal, you will stop cranking and try again and motor will start but you will smell heavy fuel out the tail pipe and motor will be ruff and than clear up, has 52psi fuel pressure at start.

I replaced this battery one year ago wth an after market battery and the same thing happened - when I took it to BMW they charged n\me $180 and said the problem was a faulty connection of the red clip on the positive terminal
I replaced the battery both times in freezing weather and I am headed for warmer climes . how can I correct this myself ? I shouldn't have to go to BMW to replace battery

Drove SUV 20 min shut it off and it wouldnt start again. BMW shop said I needed a starter n battery. I replaced them both myself. Still doesnt start. Dash is all lit up have lights but passenger ring light n brake. Didn"t have a secondary source of battery power when changing battery. what needs to be done to get it to start.

"service engine soon" light is on. OBD2 code P0412. No drivability or engine performance issues.

I am in the middle of a catastrophe after having been out of the country for 5 years. I left my brand new 2008 BMW X5 in the care of a relative who left the vehicle outside and unattended for the past 3 years. Apparently the water drains all clogged in the sunroof and leaked into the car. The brakes, tires, and fluids of course need to be changed but the water damage has caused major damage to the electrical system and the entire carpeting would need to be replaced. I've taken the vehicle to a reputable dealership and also to an independent BMW shop who both told me the same thing. They both advised that the car may have additional problems in the future and were skittish about even doing the repair work. On the outside, the car looks perfectly brand new. The water damage never flooded the car, the mats are moist but no smell of mold/mildew. The car has only 10k miles and both locations told me the engine and transmission are perfect. The repair cost comes in around $15k+. What do I do?