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Does BMW 745i have a final stage resistor, and how do I locate it?
power steering leak
what tools needed to replace the water pump?
after how many miles does this car give problems most i've seen loook nice but have miles between 80,000-150,000+
My BMW downshifts too early upon stopping and then hesitates on shifting into 1st gear when taking off after comming to a stop-ive also seen a "trans fault" light on dash and the (P R N D) Lights constantly flash on /...
can't put car in gear. Try to put in reverse still saying I'm in parking. Wouls this be transmission or something different?
Rear passenger door will not open from inside or outside the window will not open as well
The hood release latch inside the car isn't working. How can I manually open the hood if that latch is broken?
I have to apply an excessive amount of force to the pedal to be able to stop the car. What is wrong with it ?
I need instructions on how to replace a coolant leaking pipe under the engine. How to get schematics and/or pictures
Water Pump Replacement for your 2004 BMW 745i
after car sits for many hours, unlocked (like in garage), the interior lights do not come on when door is opened. They only come on after car is started or you hit the open locks on the key FOB. And this also starts t...
my door wont latch because the fob was seperated from the car
how to reset engine maintenance light
How? Where do you buy the tool ?
replaced pads. how do it get the idiot message to go away ?
When I start my car my outside temperature reads (-16F or lower) my air conditioner does not cool the car until it reads (+15 or higher)mind you the temperature in Maryland has been 90 degrees or higher. As the outsi...
My wife tried to start the car but the engine wont turn over? It sounds like to injectors are flooded!
I am trying to replace vc gasket on the driver side and having a problem getting it out. took all the bolts out but the electronic stem is blocking us from pulling it out, any tips or suggestion please.
my bmw 745i from 2002 has a piston problem what is the mos common cause of this
I had two vent valves replaced. What is a vent valve? How much should the repair cost? Thanks for your help.
I found water on the floorboard, front and back, on the passenger side of the car. To be fair, I let my son drive the car on a rainy night ande fear he left a window open. He claims he did not so i'm left to seek answ...