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wont start and parking brake not drivable light shows up makes clicking sound
I have a new battery and alternator.
After about 10-15min waiting period car will start and run find but will go through this shut down cycle again and not crank for another 10-15min i am afraid to drive because it can stop on me in traffic is this a sen...
battery has juice but wont start and something about brake malfunction shows up
causing my steering wheel to tense up unableling the vehicle to drive over 60 miles
Also codes C- 27D5 Failure within the Idle-Speed Control, 272C, 272D LR - Adaption Additive per-time and per- time (Bank 2) My A/C is still cooling, my car is not running hot. How do I address these codes?
My car must be started several times raising the engine before it gets properly powered, else the "engine malfunction" signs comes on and it won't pull.
how would I know if my transmission fluid is full
I just recently put a control arm in and now it is something, else. We are tight for money and I want to know, if I do not get the 'valve covered' gasket fixed if it will cause major damage in the long run, I cannot ...
when starting car,i have white smoke from exhaust.also when pulling off from stop light and when baclking up aftyer sitting a few seconds
My trunk won't close when I press the thick button, what can be he problem?
It jus says power module malfunction,engine failure loss/lack of power I took the battery off then put it back on now the inside lights are blinking on and off.... Please help... I just bought the car..
is there a recall for oil leakage for the 745 series?
My driver side window won't go back up, I put it down and whe I tried to put it up, it goes up half way then down again. No error message on idrive. This is a 2002 745i.
I have a intermittant dynamic drive inactive fault. The fault only occurs after the air temperature gets above 73 degrees. I have no fault in the AM when the car has sat overnight, but if the temp is above 73F, after ...
cylinder heads are plugged w/carbon. VALVE JOB NEEDED
2003 BMW 745i - Extended warranty is refusing to pay for cost of replacement. Thanks. Part #24347588725 Sealing Sleeve
front end shakes at 60 plus mph.took car back twice for are michelin,but i cant find them on michelin website.starting to think tires are no good
I get a light that comes on: Driver Malfunction defaught seatbeat light comes on. What do I check.
How do I turn the lights off on my 2003 745i
I am a technician trying to get factory diagnosis
the transmission light would come on when im sitting in traffic or if im driving hard, and sometime just driving to the store. less than 10 miles.
when i am stuck in traffic, or i could just drive 10 miles or less and the transmission light comes on telling me to pull over and let the car cool down, then after 30 min i am good to go. and also the RPM would just ...
The air bag/safety sensor light for passenger seat appears on screen. BMW does not know whether it is circuit malfunction or something to do with airbag itself. This airbag has never released so find it hard to beli...
how long can i use a gas if i fill up my tank and how many litre fill up a tank