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I recently bought an '02 X5, the 3.0. I also had it converted to run on LPG afterwards. The conversion was fine but I have noticed the TRANS PROG FAIL message come on on starting the engine. It then goes away whils...
The trans lights will not go out even after programming. The trans is in need of replacement according to the diagnostic bmw mechanic. The abs light is coming on from the abs module . The coolant gauge registers overh...
the switch is mounted externally on the end of the control cable coming from the shifter it's gray im pretty sure thats my problem ineed the part
abs light and asc light on i have new unit anything special to changing it
when i turn the car on the ac cuts on and i dont know how to turn it off.
I replaced the power steering pump and flushed the system, no leaks, fluid level is stable but the steering is still hard to turn. Thanks
I replaced the power steering pump and filled the resevoir with the recommended atf, have the front of car off the ground, turned the steering wheel lock to lock until fluid level maintaned, the started the car and tu...
car starter worked intermittenly and just stopped altogether
when im barley moving either forward or reverse, car is very hard to steer
Went to Advance Auto, they ran a diagnostic, they said it was a misfire and recommended changing plugs. Smoothed out a little but still got a miss. What else could it be if diagnostic said it's a misfire?
is there a fuse that could have gone out? thanks
How much time should this take and how much should it cost
I got out of car after driving. Once I returned, I open the door with the unlock button, put key in ignition. I heard a click and then the car went completely dead. No power. I couldn't even get the trunk open with th...
Interested in buying a 1999 BMW 740il for 2500 and they say it runs good with a smooth shifting transmission but has an exhaust leak somewhere. How much does that cost to get fixed if it was anywhere?
indicator lamp keeps coming on and sometimes while i am cornering tires hesitate
car ran rough on the way home and check engine light came on. Started again after cooling off and car ran fine. Dealr diagnosed it as a cylinder 2 misfire. I can only assume this means the spark plug.
Dealer said it's lifetime, but some mechanics recommend to change it.
driving or stoping after 5 min the idel speed increses but never goes over 2000 rpms
The power windows will not operate at all. I'm not sure how long the problem has been going on I just purchased the vehicle today. Thanks for your time any suggestion on what could cause this would be appreciated. Thanks
I need to add power steering fluid don't know where it makes a noise when turning.
when drive it the car run kind of sluggish so i parked it
my car looses coolant when I drive it. I can drive 3 miles and I need to add coolant. What could be the problem?
The left turn signals do not work at all. They all come on when I hit the hazard button so the bulbs are good. I replaced all of my lights but I still get nothing on the drivers side. Has anyone ever had this problem?
where is the power cable that supply all the power to the engine to start
If there is a power steering fluid filter in the resevoir, is it replacable and how is it removed? The power steering come sand goes and the belt squeels at start up. Thanks
voltage at starter is 12 on main wire at other wire it is inconsistent on steering column ignition switch is reading 12volts at wires