i give the car more gas over fourty it go's away, doesnt happend at high speeds.

Wife got stranded when she heard loud rattling noise and noticed coolant from under front of engine. Then we saw that serpentine belt runs off of water pump-fan pulley. When I put belt back on and re-tension, it runs 1-2 way off as soon as I start the engine. Possible for pulley to come loose and tilt down under pressure?

white smoke at start up then clears up when engine gets warm.oil and water are not mixing

please if some body can give metorque for oil pan bolt?should i use threadlock to bolt blue or red and sequence to tight.
thank you

1. Trunk lid open light comes on, I close it manually now. I don't like doing that because it seems like it takes a lot of force to close it.
2. Battery was disconnected at body repair shop. I tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it. Any suggestions?

torque for oil pan bolt. can i use glycerine on gasket

I checked the bulbs and they are ok, all gears work, just no back up lights.

motor oil was in my spark plugs. how do i fix it?

The cable appears to be attached to the release handle but when I pull nothing happens. I have taken of the grills, I can get the passenger side to release but the driver side will not release. If you can give me any advice I would appreciate it. Also any diagrams, that I could use for visual aids would be extremely helpful.

I was driving home and the dash computer screen started to get dim now there are no lights on it at all....could it be a fuse or what else should I look for......????

What does it mean when your site is telling me i need at least 10 characters long. HELP!

My boss bought a bmw 740ill n had to put a shut down switch to cut off all main power time the car cuz if it didn't have that switch you come to a dead battery the next day when you went to fire the car up anyone have any idea why it might not be goin in to sleep mode? This problem happens when the battery is connected to the car but when the battery is hooked up it'll keep a charge

this problem

When i turn the car on it makes a loud rattling sound and it sounds like it coming from the section of the engine right above the water pump.Sometimes the sound goes away.I also replaced the spark plugs about a month before this problem started with NGK brand spark plugs part#BKR6EGUP.Could these codes haves something to do with replacing the spark plugs.I also have P0720,P0731,P0734 codes but,my understading is that these codes are transmission related and have nothing to do with P0011 and P0021.

The 99' has over 200K on the dial and the 94' just hit 150k

I have diagrammed and removed all fuses from both rear power distribution and under hood power boxes and tested with DVOM and still show over twelve volt draw with all doors hood and trunk open. Help please!

side by wheel where tank located.

Replaced MAFS and used dry gas, but is still running rough. What else could this be?

1. Owners Manual
2. Left & right small rear window shades, complete assembly.
3. Updated US National Navigation disc(s)
4. First Aid Kit
5. Emergency roadside relector

Car was running rough. I have changed my MAF sensor and is a bit better but still rough. HELP.

I initially thought it might be the tranny however now I'm thinking fuel filters since it shifts smoothly all the time. The issue is most noticeable between 40 and 60 mph although I've felt it at any speed.

Also my steering seems to be very tight to me. I need to use both hands to make a tight turn?

Is it possilbe for a intake gasket to be bad. Sometimes the power is low, but when I get up to speed I have no problems.

Brakes make a squeeking noise when driving.

i was wondering if you could give me a name of a good mechanic?


leaks all the time,bought rubber seals,need help on how to ass.

seems to have loss of power during take off too

is there a sensor or relay not working even when A/C is on.

It want switch over, what up with that?

I checked the fusses there ok.BMW wont give me the code anyway,