The engine was cleaned by using a lot of water. It didn't run well after the wash. The dashlights and all exterior lights stayed on. The battery went dead. Jump started the vehicle. The battery won't keep a charge.

I just got a 00 740il, the car has been sitting for a long time. The engine is powerful and the tranny is good. A few issues though,

1. When I accelerate after 10 to 15 mins of driving before hitting second gear sometimes the whole front of the car starts to vibrate. It does not kick so I know it's not the tranny. On the the freeway before I accelerate it starts to shake again then go away.

2. Power steering is leaking, very stiff steering wheel.

3. I hear screeching when I drive. From the back

When the seat was plugged in and the fan wasnt wired .after that i noticed the navig. T V. Had static with it and black background .

lost. Advised to get drive cycle of car to figure out how many miles need to be driven in order for test to work. How do I find this out? Is this true?

Right now I am in Las Vegas it's very hot, transmission won't shift RPM is at 3000 MPH 25 won't shift out.
After the car cools down it runs perfect. A mechanic told me it was the transmission temperature control regulator. The part is a $100 and to install it is $100 would the transmission do that if it was the regulator...?

changed fuel filter and the fuel pump seems ok i can here it running.acts like its not getting enough fuel. it use to run a little rough for a minute when i would start it then ran fine after that. now it wont stay running

I noticed car was shaky. Got worse & worse while the car was stopped. Eventually didn't want to accelerate when i stepped on the gas, even floored it & it ran very slow then gained speed. Any help? Opinions?

Bought car used and some fuses are out is this causing the problem? Where is fuse for sunroof?

The time change was recently replaced. U shaped rail was broken. Light stays on engine light. error code 342?????

Hesitates ,no power in low

The car was shutting off at red lights, then when turning corners. Finally, tried to start it in the driveway and it shook, now won't start. Someone said the camshaft position sensor.

I bought 2 radios and the black box in trunk and the same thing I even pulled a working radio out a 540 I and steal no power

C.P.S. senesers been replaced and fuel filter placed, fuel pump working fuel getting to motor just when press on gas pedal in park at idle there is no acceleration.. Help me

my parking cable doesn't seem to be connected to anything. It seems to be completely extended to its point, which has caused my car to be completely stuck in emergency park. I called a bmw dealership and they could only suggest that I get towed to a repair shop, and that the repair could be a couple hundred dollars plus towe fee... I believe this is to extreme for something I believe should be simple. Does anyone have a suggestion?

what could the problem be ?

I used test light, no current to bulbs, could not locate any fuses for them in the fuse panels, what am I missing?

It sometimes crank back after a few tries or after letting it sit for a while