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Haven't owned for two weeks took back was told leaky valve seals closing smoke, was told to use no smoke at oil changes. Does not overheat, idles rough at times then on acceleration lots of white smoke. Someone mentio...
Transmission stayed in one gear and heater remained on high and couldn't be turned off.
Can it cause the transmission to stay in one gear, or cause the heater to blow out hot air in controllably?
Their is no power to either the wiper switch and radio
Check engine light came on. Said it needed a new thermostat and housing, I replaced it and cleared codes. Started it and drove it 2 miles and light came on again. Code said it needs thermostat again. What could be c...
I replaced a cracked radiator and leaky expansion tank. Now I am getting "check coolant level everytime I drive for 10 to 15 miles
i started my car and drove one block and now the car won't shut off.
Or either use my jump start box I just replace the positive cable terminal It only take like 5 sec when I get a jump from car to start alternator good battery. Good what could it be
keeps coming back on in a couple day and I fix whatever it is that time. Can there be a short somewhere. Also, the computer screen flashes like a short to me
Car has only 75000 miles, has never been over 3000 RPM, babied & was going 60 MPH when steam came out from under car. Engine dies, had no warning lights did not overheat has never overheated. New radiator because it ...
I've just bought a bm740i rhd ..the suspension makes lots of noises over bumps.what can be damaged
Iwent to start my car today and unlocked itgot in it and went to start it up and then the car just went completely dead, the dashboard went off my key wont lock or do anything.
I have had the car for 10 years and lately it is performing very badly in it just getting tired or should i be looking at another problem. The S drive still is peppy. i have not changed plugs in 4 years and...
recently changed the intake gaskets and did a tune up. Now its not idling smooth. Took it for a long drive and drives great and idles good at stop lights. checked for vacuum leaks and didn't find any.
I just replaced my battery in my 94 740iL. It drove fine for about 2 days, 65 miles worth. However, now on day 3, all the electronic control lights are coming on again, and when I attempt to turn, the anti lock system...
The gages light up but the blower never turns on I checked the fuse and it looks good so whats causing it not to work
Need to see video on how to replace control arm
there was oil in boot on my #7 spark plug which is where my misfire was detected.
Just runs good I parked it every body wants to buy it shop says need new motor $5500.what the ----! Need help please! Some people say oil cooler or radiator? Mech cracked head or block head gasket crank motor as it r...