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Hi, I Purchased a 1999 BMW 528I and all was running well until the other day... I drove an hour to work and when I was leaving the car wouldn't cranked but wouldn't turn over. I brought it back to the pl...
Automatic a5s 360 what transmission fluid should be used?
starts strange and has small vibration, but runs good and shifts perfectly
2000 BMW 528i is compatible. I came across a good deal but not sure if it'll fit. Ty for taking the time to read my question
transmission light on right after replacing intake hose; cause?
I had the radiator & thermostat replaced car didnt iverheat, mechanic said there was a misfire. But that the car was running. When I went to pick up my car, he turned it on and would die out. He then opened it up a...
The engine fan won't turn off even when the car is and it keeps draining my battery (purchased new 2 months ago). My husband disconnected the battery, recharge it & when he reconnected it the alarm went off and he bar...
Sometimes also the hydrolic stearing system not work
Sometimes when I am driving, usually city-lower speed and when it is raining, the trunk of my car opens on its own. I stop and close it. It will then usually happen again a few times. Then it won't do it for a whil...
Thought it was a transmission issue. But after being towed to mechanic he rang me the next day to say it was driving fine -and computer showed no transmission issues. When i thought about it although the engine contin...
My driver's side door will not open from the outside. It is not locked and will open from the inside.
I have had transmission override light come on twice but not after changing battery override light went out but still have service engine soon light on before battery change codes p1750 p1751 p1749 p1748 po727 po732 p...
keeps falling out slack in the cable or is there something that keeps the cable in place that broke off ofthe plastic attachment any pictues
i stop and turn car off and light will go off and trans. will reset to normal.
I confirmed a head gasket leak by sucking coolant out of cylinder #3 with a turkey baster. Facts. Only cylinder 3 is affected. P0303 misfire on cold start. Exhaust steam for a few minutes until warm. It's accumulat...
it closes but does not lock any ideas ? also actuator does move when I use handle but lock mech. will not lock and dash light for trunk deck is always on no matter what I do too latch
so now on top of the 500$ i paid i got to pay at the least another 400 shouldnt the shop cover it because it was their misdiagnosis???
i had a new driveshaft center support bearing put in took it back to the shop they are gonna cover labor for balancing the driveshaft just need to know if any more parts are going to be needed and how much?
Change the crank case vent because I was to this will make it do this..but still does it and only after it warms up?
it goes across from fender to fender and the hood hooks up to it
As I close the trunk, I can here the latch engage and feel a click prior to closing, as if something is triggering it to release. It will stay closed for about 4 seconds then release as if I had pressed the release bu...
i press the brakes try to shift the stick and it wont leave from park
and passenger side stays on 65 degrees.. pls help me.. thanks D . sweeper
It always started before now i put a fuel pump,and pressure regulator on it and still No start. What could it be PLEASE HELP!!!