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i've looked everywhere. My transmission is slipping. I need an answer like yesterday.
The central locking systems is working but I've noticed that when I unlock the doors with the key the interior lights don't come on until I open the door. Any suggestions.
my car acts like it wants to turn over but doesnt i was told to go bang the startwer to see if it helps what do i do
if its a wiring problem what could it be.if it's the alternator how easy would that be for me to replace?Thank you.
I had the tires rotated and balanced and now when driving after hitting 60+MPHs and slowing down the wheels shake and shutter.
Bought car used in 2009. I was given the 5 digit radio code and it has worked before. Never had the security code. Is this something I can get from a dealer? Security Led flashes and code led is lit on the radio. Code...
I drained it off and it still smoke can I let the car run until it clear out because I no that its on the spark plugs. HELP!
heater only works in on defrost, only vent cabin doesnt work. all the lights come on but blower motor doesnt run. what can i do
Does anyone have installation instructions for a DSC control unit? Thanks
Can you just replace a shroud without replacing the radiator and the clutch?
If the radiator clutch is replace only would that cause any additional need for service?
Don't have the owners manual, finding a repair manual is expensive. It's not entirely obvious with the air filter going in vertical rather than horizontal on these models.
The passenger side rear shock is missing the bolt/screw and rubber gasket behind it.
so before this problem it would go into gear easy but the clutch i will let it out but not go any were so was it the right thing to do to change the clutch?
do i drop the rear end to take to drive shaft out? im stuck
also water in the floor behind it. I dryed it buy after going out and come back home, its more water in the floor.
We just got the car two days ago only has had two owners 140,000 miles only one accident hit motorcycle maintance record look great on read out given two us by dealer.
when the car is idiling,it will start to shake pretty hard until i start to drive then it will start slow and kind of putt along. I did notice at certain times the RPM will go between 4& 5 before the gears change. It ...
the blower works. at first heat will come out but it turns cold after awhile
The location of the idle air control valve.
I have 113,000 on the car and don't have problems with it. They also suggested I replace the right rear trailing arm plus at the same time so that I have only one alignment. I have not experienced driving problems an...
When the engine is turned on the SRS light goes off but it comes back and stay on
some say yes n others ssay u dont have to. interested in this car but have not went n looked at it yet.
Replaced the distributor cap and now will not start.
Coolant system has already been replaced. what is leaking and where is it coming from?
It came on very suddenly. If acceleration is faster it seems to minimize the issue. I am noticing now it does it occasionally right as I start 2 - 5 MPH. It clearly feels like a transmission issue.
i do not see anything on the manual and i do not want to crack up anything. I will be putting new wheels on and i need access to the lug nuts. do you know where i can get new bmw center caps for Miro 942?
is it possible to adjust my shift gear shifter moves past the gear selected lighting the next gear and i have to gently move it up or down to align it,also my gear changes slip sometimes slightly.