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Car was running fine...yesterday go about 1 mile and the motor would heat up to RED zone. Water pump and termostat changed a week ago. That corrected earlier heat up issue. I thought I had it resolved...Now, I notic...
Two days ago...dash lights and one tail light(left) were fine...Dash message told me tail light out...The right on was. Removed the light shocket on the right side...replaced 10w sliver base bulb rated for BMW replac...
Some one may have tride to break in the car how can I reset the secerty and start the car
My battery was recently replaced in my 525i (a couple months ago). Earlier this week, I tried to start my car, and it sounded like another dead battery. It finally cranked, but when it did, multiple messages appeare...
right now iam useing the door key and it keeps going off can i set it so its not going off when a car drives by and wher is the adjustment for it thank you with your help
The car is a 1980 BMW 528i with a 6 cyl. engine. The white smoke only seems to come out when i rev the engine, not during normal driving. It also has a manual transmission.
The car knocks most when it's been sitting for a long time turned off. This is usually when it is most likely to shut off when I come to a stop and am not in gear. The car also does not seem to accelarate as much ...
checked the fuses and they appear to be fine. everything else works
pulled a code from auto zone p0455 what does mean
coolant level message received, but level is up. not sure of ratio of water to coolant. gauge reads approx 25% highway / up to 45% city. never reaches over 50% position. no leaks found. no steam. no smell. any ideas?
when car is on constant heat by feet of driver & passenger need to have air conditioner on
when I start the car a strong gas smell hits the drivers side lingers on for about 15-20 minutes have to have all windows open in the car
thing is i think mine is clogged and backing stuff up in the engine causing over flow and leaks,tell me if i can leave it off and drive it till i an get a exhuast pipe fitted in its place.
My control panel has gone blank. Car still runs but radio not working
car ran great when 1st purchased, decided to balance tires and rotate. problems started. front end alignment with all new bushings and all new shocks with everything replaced..still have problem...
P0171, P0174, P0300, P1083,P1085 P0313, P1342, P1344, P1346, P1348, P1350,P1352 . . . I am getting rough idling and sluggish performance. My research tells me it may be the Intake Manifold Runner Valve/Adjuster Unit ...
I have a 2002 525 wagon. It has 95K miles. the check engine oil light comes on every 2 to 3 weeks, at which time I have to add a quart of oil. Is this normal or am I heading toward a small fortune fix? I am just a...
How do I get it out of security mode?? Car starts and runs find buy hot wiring it - jumpping off at the starter???
This happens mostly when I'm at a red light and go into 1st gear. I have 81k on the car. Is this a clutch or transmission problem? Some internet bloggers say it's the bushings in the tranny, and some say it's the f...
i've looked everywhere. My transmission is slipping. I need an answer like yesterday.
The central locking systems is working but I've noticed that when I unlock the doors with the key the interior lights don't come on until I open the door. Any suggestions.
my car acts like it wants to turn over but doesnt i was told to go bang the startwer to see if it helps what do i do
if its a wiring problem what could it be.if it's the alternator how easy would that be for me to replace?Thank you.
I had the tires rotated and balanced and now when driving after hitting 60+MPHs and slowing down the wheels shake and shutter.
Bought car used in 2009. I was given the 5 digit radio code and it has worked before. Never had the security code. Is this something I can get from a dealer? Security Led flashes and code led is lit on the radio. Code...
I drained it off and it still smoke can I let the car run until it clear out because I no that its on the spark plugs. HELP!