I let my car sit for several monthes and the battery died. I had to get a new battery and all was great until I noticed now none of my windows will roll down and oddly the data "computer" that shows time/temp etc isn't working either. I am sure both happened at same time. I checked fuses but couldn't find problem. Help!?!

Just recently my transmission program light came on and it will not go in first gear. im going to be taking it to a mechanic and i dont want to get ripped off. do i need a transmission or is it a sensor or something else. the other gears still switch just fine and runs perfect after i get to 20 moh

Bmw 525i needs a new catalytic converter; how much is an estimated cost to fix it?

Tried turning on and off the car - no help. Any other way to reset flashing problem?

2001 525i code51

2001 bmw 525i

When shocks are worn out, oil often leaks out. What color is the oil?

The leak is near the front left tire.

leaking red fluid at front left

Reverse good won't shift over in Manuel shift any answers thanks tim

key lost havent got another

Well when I purchase the car it was a fixer upper it was a lôt of things wrong with it do I'm pretty much stuck with it to me it may be major but to others it maybe minor it was probley 10 things wrong like brakes ,hoses stuff like that so if I weren't working on it myself I would be out of lot of money so I'm saving money by working on it myself with help from the pros like you all . Some time I set the alarm on the car sometimes it goes off but no sound just lights just blinking on an off my neighbor call and told me it was going of and I went to bank and it did the same thing so hope u guys can help oh I forgot does the becon for the alarm were is it located minds is on the rearveiw mirror maybe that can help thanks again

I'm trying to find someone to help me the with problem I have or tell me were I can find a replacment key the deal want 250.00 so if some has any other way to help me with my delima I'll would be grateful

My car creaks when im driving and while in park I turn the steering wheel left or right it creaks sounds like a rusty door hinge

I checked all of fuses lighter does not work fuse box says that has 2fuses can't locate I'm not a smoker want the lighter to work bought a air compressor for to pump up tires fuses fine little help please thanks

I was just asking I think it would be cheaper to put another alarm on the car than buying another key I purchase a key on line not knowing that I have no one around my area cuts keys for my car I have been searching high and low can some help me out some way some advice thanks a lot

Every morning i need to get a jump just to start the engine. ......, when I turn the key to start it, a clicking noise sounds from under the hood. And sometimes "trans. Failsafe" light appears.

The heat and air barely blow and not all sometimes

But I noticed that the water boiling in the expansion tank is that normal are I'm looking at a bigger problem because I had a car with the same pressurize system and I had a blown head gasket I'm hopping that not the case it runs fine at idle no leak but when driven antifreeze is everywhere thank a lot hope you can help oh I'm sorry I don't have any gauges telling me that the car is hot only the smell and notice of antifreeze thanks again

Warning lights comes on it's say stop and let cool and it's starts up and run fine for all day and then sometimes it run hot during a drive on hwy. @ speeds 65 to 75 mph. And sometimes I have to put coolant in it

i ran out of gas in my BMW 1991 525i i put gas in it and it still won't start it just turns and sounds like it wants to but it wont it just passed smog less then a week ago and c.h.p expection. and runs really good as well great on gas. since i ran out of gas it wont start