So the "Check Brake LIghts" warning has come on. I have no brake lights at all--either left, right, or center. I checked the bulbs in right and left light assemblies. I checked and even replaced the brake light fuse located in the glove box. The problem is still there. Please advise.

I just bought a 1991 bmw 525i and it just will not go in drive but goes in reverse can someone please give me some good advice

I have to unplug the battery to shut the lights off is this an expensive fix

Replaced my rear brakes the other day and thought I smelled gas in the drivers side wheel well. Then last night my grandson was sitting behind the drivers side seat and said he smelled something chemical. Probably the same issue. Can you remove the rear seat to get to the gas tank connections to check for leaks?

I have been getting this increased battery discharge message at startup on and off for months. There is no problem starting, but it resets the clock and trip odometer every time it happens. I have seen cases online where it happens after the car goes to sleep (68-70 minutes) but this is happening after just a few minutes rest or overnight - timing seems completely random. Answers that i have seen for the above mentioned cases were that aftermarket electrical appliances were possibly not hooked to the battery correctly and need to be removed or reinstalled. Unfortunately as far as i know there are no aftermarket add ons. Not sure what to do on this.

Truck lock sometimes fails to attach.

and when you go up a steep hill it feels like it is skipping ,what do you think the problem is?

rattle and smoke when giving gas. but not all the time.sometimes bogs down and backfires.

My 525 was caught in a flood here several months ago, the engine had to be replaced and it set in the shop for almost 2 months. The A/C and compressor was working fine but when they restarted the new engine the compressor starting making a noise and it was determined that a bearing had dried up.

The insurance adjuster won't approve the compressor replacement because he said it was wear and tear. Since it was working fine before I need some ammunition to get them to pay for the new compressor.

I'm 72 and on a fixed income and really can't afford to pay for this myself.

Can someone provide me with some information that I can present to the adjuster to persuade them to pay for this.


I had given the car to the garage to get the alternator changed, when car came back i noticed in 1/2 days that i had filled only 10 litres of petrol but fuel gauge was showing half tank. I m using the mileage to check petrol level but the gauge is really stuck around that half mark.
The garage guy refuses to accept anything coyld have gone wrong inspite of charging 600 quid for alternator work. Now when i went to him challenging hom on this since it was fine before the work was done, he says your car headgasket is gone. Dont know wat to do? I have been using it around nearby no issues as yet but the fuel gauge needs to be fixed. Pls help someone. Thanks

overnight parked and all works fine, but after 11 minutes of driving, receive multiple check warnings, then odometer stops working and car stuck on 4th till again parked overnight.

I was driving to work and on my 2007 525i I got a charging malfunction where it stopped my power steering and AC I was wondering what that could mean?

I cannot program a new seat position into my 2003 525i. I just bought this used. The manual states that the keys can be programmed for memory seat. When I try to set a new position, the light on the M does not come on and the new position is not stored. How do I tell if the memory module in the door is bad?

I bought 2 new tires 2 months ago. 205/55/15 on front as opposed to 205/60/15 on rear for a rake look. I am doing to buy 205/55/15 for rear as well shortly. could this be problem? Can I remove main power switch for a minute and replace? HELP!

When I start the car it drags a little wipers won't turn off LCD screen is acting weird please help

rough idling when engine is cold

Evry second its stall and stop while driving

When i drive my car at about 40mph i will stop and then the gas pedal will make a springy noise and then my spedomoter goes out can anyone tell me what that means and what meeds to be replaced .. Thanks

After getting an oil change the engine oil pressure warning comes on. I've had the Vanos line,oil filter housing gasket and oil sensor replaced and the warning light is still coming on. Has anyone Concord this problem?

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