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minutes the engine hits and starts like nothing was wrong. when it refuses to start, only the engine symbol lights up.
Have checked battery, alternator, and ground connections. When I turn the car off, you can here a very slight humming sound coming from the area of the radio/cassette player.
Groaning noise when turning corners
It shakes very bad when I drive at 60mph.
master cylinder and booster were replaced and brakes bled, car drives about 3-4 miles and then the brakes start to slowly apply until they lock up, turn car off for 2 minutes and brakes reset/let go and car can drive ...
lite on in the console. i haven't used the car for the winter
Will come on and cause a delay on first gear and then will turn off or we turn off car it will stop then won't do again for a few days. What can be causing this.
I've already took it to custom European shop replaced hoses to secondary air pump told me it was fix then 3 days later check engine light came back on. Now that's twice already and with the charge of $320 every time I...
I was told by the dealership that my car was running poorly because the vehicle has 6 bad ignition coils and 6 bad spark plugs. The car only has 37,462 original miles. It's about a $1,700.00 job. I explained my situat...
Car has 65,000 miles and the tech says the belt is no longer centered due to the wear of the tensioner.
The driver side door that has a soft closing will not close, do you know what the problem could be and how much it will cost?
engine light came on soon lost compression no power to gas peddle won't stay cranked just started this yesterday never had problem before drove to church fine coming home on freeway started losing conpression .
What should I particularly look for in order to determine if it has been properly looked after and what are the critical areas? Thanks
Its a 2003 bmw 318ti. I replaced complete fuel pump and housing on the right hand side. Maybe the calibration is out perhaps? If so how do I fix it?
I went to get a brake and lamp inspection done and the guy said it wont pass because the anti brake light will not stay on. The car was off, he then set it to reverse, and tried to turn the car back on. The car didn't...