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top hose of rad real hot,fan turning fine,steam from rear right of motor for awhile
PO306, PO121, and PO133. I have done a bit of research on those 3 codes. The car seems to run fine but I do not drive it anymore because I think the clutch went out. Would I be able to get a code that is specific for ...
i tried holding down the button but it open partially i checked fuses
My convertible top want go down until this is set. Do you have any advise for me?
I replaced head gasket, Radiator, thermostat and hoses. my car is still over heating, My clutch fan is in working action.It seems it could be my water pump, but yet it is circulating water flow, the only thing I am th...
I want to know whats the estimate on the repairs for a roof top convertible. PLEASE!
I did service last Oct, but the low oil pressure in red and the time is 11/2012. Apparently the service was overdue. But I cant reset it.
I need to access the aux. fan fuse. I have remove the screws but cant get the panel free.
The info screen under my raido on my 1998 328i for the past year or more has been saying "Brea light circuit see owners Manuel" but there has never been a problem with my break lights. recently they stopped working an...
need to replace brake light bulbs; what type do i need?
flood level:knee length Car: BMW 3.28i (F30) Year: 2012
Shop indicates that the oil filter housing needs to be replaced because they warp, approx. $1000. Other threads seem to indicate the only the gasket needs replacement?
I am told I will need to reseal oil filter housing (Vanos line leaking). How much should I expect to pay for the repair?
i look on the ground and see oil spots, i have to put oil in at least once a month . when im driving the car the smell of oil filters in the car
The window went down without a problem but now it won't roll back up.
with a partial circle and an arrow pointing left appear on the dash. The car when I brake hard has fluttering (not from the rotors) and I was wondering what the potential problem could be? 2011 BMW 328i 17k
It occurs at speeds above 50mph when the brakes are applied it has a slight vibration in the steering wheel also.Should I have my brakes and rotors checked?
Had intake boot replaced. Still makes noise periodically. Doesn't affect driving/engine performance.
I also heard there is a kit that you buy online often needed on top of replacing radiator? My son loves this car but im afraid it's going to turn into a money pitt:(
Good morning...I have a 97 BMW 328i. Sporadically it overheats when driving mostly when I have the AC on. If I leave the heater on low the needle stays in the middle. I've checked for leakage - None -, I've checked...
eve..n if you start in 2nd, feels like 1st gear, if you put in 3rd, feels like neutral, no abs light is on
Heavy rains for 2 days due to Tropical Storm Issac in north Alabama; trunk mat is damp (not soaked); where could water be leaking in? and what suggestions to fix this problem? Thanks so much for your help.
fan fails to turn on and car overheats
it turns on and off. when it is on it is cold but it seems like it isnt blowing as hard as it should when it is on... i have heard alot of different responses to this question and would jsut like to get things straigh...
Have been back to the dealer at least 6 or 7 times. Even had the entire unit replaced once. The last time they told me that the ground wire was attached incorrectly. Six month later the car is back with the same probl...
My car is out of warranty and I want to change the oil myself. How do you reset the oil change interval computer?
Is there any marks or detail for me to set the timing on the cams n crank for me to set the timing without removing any spark plugs