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Yesterday I hit the curb with my right front tire...a light has come on in my dash. It is green in color and looks like a shapely woman...does anyone know what this might be.? Thanks
changed coil pack on cyl 3 too cyl 2 failed then changed spaked plugs failed
wife left the light on and the battery died. I took battery out to charge. Car starts with spare key but not with the key with the alarm on it. AAA said i needed to reset the anti- theft but they did not know how???
I have a 2000 328i. I have had it since October 5th. Recently my headlights and right turn signal have been blinking. We thought it was the alternator but that wasnt it. My engine revs up when it is idle. Soon after m...
what is the master light switch and what does it do
power steering seems to be out. will power steering fluid help, or could it be a belt? anyone else have this problem?
oil and filter change done by dealer 12 months ago using Castrol systhetic oil. Since then, we have driven only 1600 miles, wondering if I should now change the oil even with such low mileage?
Loud and excessive roaring noise coming from or between drive shaft when picking speed. Whilst sitting in back seat, uncomfortable vibration/ shaking and roaring noise noted under the seat. Could this be due to faulty...
The warning signs: abs, dtc ,pressure gauge, service engine soon kept popping in the front dial for the past 5 weeks. BMW/SF and BMW/Peter Pan claimed that is self checking and would not do service under warranty. A ...
excessive noise coming from engine and drive shaft when accelerate. Excessive vibration from suspension system and/or shock absorbers noted whilst sitting in back seat.
I turned engine on and it just revved 3times as if someone had stepped on the gas and gave it a lot of gas. I turned it off immediately and haven't moved it since. Thank God it was on "P" parked otherwise it would hav...
How to check if fuel pump is working?
How do I check if I am getting fire.
Car lost all power. Lifted hood and found serpentine belt off intact and compressor pulley off
The car alarm light fails to flash. Is there a fuse that may be blown or is the LED out. What fuse controls this system. If the LED is blown, the cost of a new rear-view mirror runs approximately $700.00 if not more. ...
When I accelerate the is a click clack sound cominig from the left rear wheel
the rear end apears to oversteer when entering curves and is unstable on straithaway when roads are wet
What can I do to first of all get the key out of the door
what needs to be checked?
Engine light came on the dash when I checked with the scanner got the code p1470.
makes a decelarating sound on the passenger side tire area
I even replaced the driving shifter and still has the same problem.
top hose of rad real hot,fan turning fine,steam from rear right of motor for awhile
PO306, PO121, and PO133. I have done a bit of research on those 3 codes. The car seems to run fine but I do not drive it anymore because I think the clutch went out. Would I be able to get a code that is specific for ...
i tried holding down the button but it open partially i checked fuses
My convertible top want go down until this is set. Do you have any advise for me?