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It was running great before it was parked 8 months ago.

My key is missing the chip in it. Unable to start the car. Starter was replaced only to find out that wasnt the problem. Windows and lights work but when trying to start the car, no clicking sound can be heard. Now im pretty sure the car is in kill switch mode. And i am told the key needs to be replaced since the chip is gone.

the car got into an low speed accident so the door needs to be replaced

what needs to be checked in order to get the service engine light to go off?

Sound coming from rear end when or at end of each gear shift

need to reset the onboard computer

I was told it could have a small leak from the turbo seals going into exhaust causing it to blow out a small cloud of white smoke at the first start of the day. The speed of my car is fine, no lights have come on, it was the cloud of smoke that caught my attention.

Icon in little car showed washer fluid and still stayed after filling. And also shows icon of light bulb out in back tail light and they all work

Is there anything I can do to open without having to fix it at the shop?

Radiator fan not turning off draining battery

My car was sideswiped by a snowplow in a blizzard. There was extensive body damage along the driver's side. The driver side rear-view mirror was ripped off. Sometime in the same 6-hour period,while the car was locked, the top of the nob in the center console that provides driver input to the GPS system, radio, phone, and car information went missing. Wiring and lights in the knob were exposed. How could this have happened? Could it have anything to do with the destroyed rear-view mirror. Could it have been caused by some kind of short in all the circuitry and electronics in the car? My insurance won't cover it. How much will it cost to repair?

I suspected water in the gas, but the problem still exists. Spark plugs have been replaced. The diagnostic tool pulled up these three problems, only.

How much cost should I pay to fix auto lock/unlock access of my driver side left door? I heard I need a fuse to fix it.
I want to know the estimate cost if I bring my car to an auto repair shop.

What can be wrong when car stalls when driving & smokes occasionally when I start it up? I have a 2008 BMW 328i

Turns over great,has fuel pressure,just no spark?

And he would like to know how would you solve the problem replacing it or how would we go about it

The battery will not hold date and time at all from turning car on to next time car is turned on; Has battery cable recall compromised battery? Shouldn't BMW be liable for new battery?

Before I change it the car was driving fine it just had the red battery it won't turn on it just turn on the lights it only runs when they pass me jumping cables if I turn it off and let it run for 15min and I turn it off I won't start again untill they pass me jumping cables

I drive a 2011 BMW 328i and the last couple weeks I have noticed an issue where when I first start up my car after not using it for some period of time(few hours) I start driving around and once I put my foot on the brake and come to a complete stop with my foot firmly on the brake the car rpm starts jumping up and I can feel my car continuously lurch forward until i release the brake. This only happens when my car is in Drive. If i switch it to neutral the rpm jump stops happening. I'm really confused about why this could be happening and if you have any insight it would be great to hear.