I have already replaced the valve cover gasket. That seemed to help. However, the engine will sometimes run a little rough when I start it and the oil light comes on. If I shut the engine off after a minute and restart it. It will pure like a kitten and the oil light goes off. Could this have anything to do with the VANOS control unit? How do we find the leak? Thanks, Bill Poirier

Both front tires need changing. One shop adds $100 to the quote for alignment. Another doesn't. Is alignment necessary? Thank you.

Just trying to figure out what I need to know in order to make a decision on repair. Thank you.

Is this the pump?

I have replaced the bulb housing a year ago but the bulbs burnt out recently. I tried new bulbs in all three sockets but did not work. There is a recall for this issue but it appears to be years 2002 to 2005.

all odf them

I have never hit anything or made the airbag deploy. How do I get it to go off? It is on constantly

is it a tranny flush is it my tranny goin bad what is it urgent help needed?

We have diagnosed the no start issue for the BMW. The intake manifold is cracked behind the mass air meter. The intake manifold needs to be replaced along with any vacuum hoses associated with it.
The manifold plus labor and tax installed is : $1979.66
Labor plus diag – 809.91
Part Intake manifold includes hardware and lines – 1057.69
Tax – 112.06
TOTAL- $1979.66

I had just changed the inner tie rod boots and done an alignment

it runs good 4 a bit than starts runing like its hesitating lite comes back on i usesd car quest sensors lite comes back on for 02sensors

I would like to change the fluids in both the transmission and torque

After the air was turned on after driving on the highway about 30 miles. The car began to overheat and spray coolant and white smoke. This was all happened after the car was detailed.

2nd air: Unready
02 Heater: Unready

All other tests pass. I have put over 500 miles on the car and still same results. The engine check light is not on.

Reset of the tire pressure warning on the dash

this only happened recently and it closes and chokes the car when it is running, but opens when the car turns off. please someone help nothing useful online and in the owners Manuel.

I've removed the cup holders. How do I remove the switch?

Both buttons light up without hesitation, both are easily depressed; however, the hazard lights don't respond nor will the passenger doors unlock after pressing the button.
I've checked the fuses...those are fine.
Of course the local BMW dealer wants to charge an arm, leg, and thigh, to repair the issue.

My horn just recently stopped working? No accident or incidents have happened.
I see there are two fuses (5,55) for the horn. Can the fix be that easy...replacing the fuses?

Changing the light bulbs did not solve the problem

I noticed it happens on hold ups/traffic jam. It goes off and wont start up, like its cutting fuel. When i leave it for sometime (5 min), it will start and run like normal. I have changed the fuel pump and filter. The temp guage is normal (mid point). I have this diagnostic kit and the codes on it are P1085, P0174, P1083, P1525, P0115, P0161, P0128, P0172. Please help.

I need the diagram of the fuse box in the glove compartment. I need to know where all the fuses belong.

and not making contact with the bottom of the cap causing the low level light to show up on the car.

overheated.. my mechanic says thermostat

fuse box location

I was towing my car, just pullin it on all 4 wheels, mistake i know.
Then all 4 wheels just locked and the car just stopped.
Now i cant move it forward or back. completely locked.=/

I was told that the upper leaf of my rear spring was broken, and it needs replacement along with the rear shocks, and that this was common on this car. Is that true?

At first I thought it was the engine; however, it appears to be something under load. Meaning it only occurs when I accelerate. Nothing when coasting. There are no diagnostic codes or any lights on! The mechanic I use thought it was the carrier bearing, which I had replaced! Yip, removed the enitre exhaust system, heat shields, drive shaft, etc. to replace it, balance it and put it back in! I've had the engine tuned up, inductor plates cleaned, the mass-airflow meter cleaned. Still have the problem.

car want start afer changing the battery and i am not getting any fuel.

I cannot get car to start.