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It worked great untill I had a little kick back at my house and decided to use my car to put some music till I forgot the stereo was on and when I tried to turn it on it wouldn't so we tried putting another battery an...
I went ahead and replaced the blower motor and resistor and still nothing. The BMW dealership is now telling me that it can be IHKA control unit however, It does control all features and provides power to everything ...
When I put the key in, press the brake and push the start button, everything turns on but just cranks and won't start. Would I have to take it to a dealer or can I fix it myself?
the battery light light and the engine light, the car did restart and I did not encounter the problem until a day later.
That was just driving along pulling into my driveway then all of a sudden the headlights and the running lights just turned off all by itself did they blow out is it a fuse it was only the headlights not the tail ligh...
do you only use radiator fluid or is water ok?
Does any one know how to unlock the gear this is the first time it happens to me
My 1995 BMW 325i was currently wrecked. I want something similar because I liked the feel of how it drives, but I need something more reliable and a little lower maintenance costs. Would a Lexus be considered better t...
How can i reset the Service engine soon light without going to the dealer.
problem of car stalling and now this power loss after having work done to the tune of over $1900.00 never had this before they replaced, intake sensor,exhaust sensor,front brake sensor,control arm bushing,205/55/16 s...
my car was low on fluids and the mechanic put in 3 quarts of fluid the very same day my transmission seal broke. what would cause that? could he have overfilled it causing the seal to break?
I'm a college student and a bit limited on money, would it be easier to pay and have someone replace it or do it myself, is it feasible to do? Any suggestions?
This has happened at many gas stations and pumps. My gas gauge doesn't read full. The pump clicks to stop after a few seconds of pumping gas and gas comes pouring out of the under side of the car BEHIND the gas tank/o...
Trunk key won't open the trunk. Called several locksmith And they said couldn't help because they don't have access to BMW codes.
It started with the windows radio and heater not working. My brother unplugged a plug behind radio and the windows started working.
aving trouble with acceleration sometimes absolute loss of power with pedal to floor sometimes power will increase slowly with normal rpm climb sometimes the rpms will surge very high with little or no acceleration. H...
What is the best way to diagnosis problem without being ripped off at repair shops. Can I diagnosis problem on my own? It leaks approx 1/2 quart every 10 days.
This is an all electric top that was replaced, but now won't collapse into storage either automatically or manually.
no response from starter when led is flashing battery died and i replaced it now i cant get it to start tried dissconnect neg term for 15 min still nothing
Seems to have pressure on cap even when left overnight
This is an intermittent issue and surge only lasts a few seconds. What would be the cause of this?
I replaced water pump, fan clutch as well. Its not ooverheating, The idel stays in the middles. I see it leaking from the bottom of car right in the middle. Pls help out with anything advice. Thanks
It just started it last night Is my tran gone bad or is it a simple fix
Want 18 inch rims/tires on base sedan. Currently 16 inch tires. Can I put sport setup tires on base sedan-wider tires in rear and staggered setup?
had it checked by a BMW repairman in which he checked it out reset it and within 2 weeks it was back on
Just bought a BmW from a dealership, the car is smoking at startup. Only had for a week and just started when I parked it today and went into the post office. It's not white smoke, and has no smell at first. When driv...