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And when I put it on manual it goes back to normal
DEALER KIA SAID CHANGE 2 SENSORS. Gas and ? is it hard to do myself and what is the cost approximately if done by a certified mechanic
When I took the car into the shop I informed them that there was no air bag on that side. 2 hours later I picked up the car and drove home. I then noticed that they had put a sticker on the door frame that said there ...
Everytime I come to a stop, it seems to hesitate and grind to get power
No water pumping through upper and lower radiator hoses
It feels like it's gonna shut down but if I turn the ac off the car doesn't shake. So I wanna know if someone can help me with some answers.
i took engine out of my1992, 325is and put it into my 1994bmw325ic,but it now won't start.why won't it start now
It has a few other issues that will be costly, just wondering if I should just get rid of it without fixing it. If I put the money into it, will it be worth anything anyway?
It seems like it is only doing it when the air/defroster is on. I turned off the defroster and after a couple seconds it stopped, so I turned it back on, but it started again, then I turned it off, and again, it stopp...
There seems too be another leakage somewhere. I've already replaced the coolant expansion tank and the valves but I still have to put in coolant during hot weathers. The thermostat doesnt go past the half mark, so it ...
The mechanic replace intake.had to take back cause all kinds of lights came on.had to be towed couldn't drive it .so,he said a piece from the intake he took off was in the intake. now I get home, it wont stay running....
car will start cold , idle: once i start to drive , car runs like crap,no power to be heard of please help
mechanic said idle puly has to be repaired - after car turned on making a whistling cranking sound
I changed the battery n now the radio says code
I had a tune up not to long ago. I had 2 cylinders misfiring. I took the car out of town a few times and when i brought it back it would rattle a big and struggle to get out of first. Now i would step on the gas and s...
I checked the water of the engine..i forgot to close the cap.i arrived to work parked it..after 12 hours of work..i arrived to my car..opened again to check the engines water..i realized i left it open..and no water i...