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how to reset a service engine soon light on a 2005 bmw 325i?
Could this be the battery dying or the starter I have no clue
I have a big problem in my bmw 325 2002 model..every week im adding 1kg of oil to the engine..there is no leakage from the oil on the ground.but when input my car on N nd pull on the throtle black smoke com...
I changed my ready view mirror and the key alarm don't work and also the head lights take seconds to turn on now when I turn on car, it used to be instant.
I am now unable to attach pdf files in repair pal web site to my repairs. Before last week I was able to attach PDFs. what has happened now it says it cannot recognize the pdf that contain my receipts for repairs.
The lube has not been changed in over 100,000 miles. Do you think changing the lube would help?
Meaning sometimes it appears to be in manual mode and will not shift up or down without manually shifting. Is there a sensor or something that is causing this?
When I switch to Manuel it goes away what you think it is is only when I get on the highway that does this and not every time
How much is to change filters and the oil change
And when I put it on manual it goes back to normal
DEALER KIA SAID CHANGE 2 SENSORS. Gas and ? is it hard to do myself and what is the cost approximately if done by a certified mechanic
When I took the car into the shop I informed them that there was no air bag on that side. 2 hours later I picked up the car and drove home. I then noticed that they had put a sticker on the door frame that said there ...
Everytime I come to a stop, it seems to hesitate and grind to get power