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I hear a loud humming noise from underneath, sounds like from the rear . Which leads me to believe I need my rear differential replaced!
the e fan doesnt come on when the temp goes above normal temp
I filled my tank the other day and have driven over 70 miles since. My fuel gauge still says it's full and has not moved.
I have a 2002 BMW 325ci and on December 9, 2011, i had work done on it to fix a small problem relating to a oxygen line or something to that effect that had burned out. approximately 2 weeks later, i went to get my ca...
auto zone read me these codes P0441, P1353,P1351, p0313,p0492, p0491
Is it like an allen wrench or what? The release button won't open it and I think it needs a key to open it.
How to replace the driver side mirror?
the car light on the dash is always on bc there is not an actuator in the drivers side, but today the little brake lights came on behind the little car "light" and the car's temp is dropping in the mornings and I am p...
This Happened after my car got stuck in snow and i was trying to get out of it. My dad chained my car to his car to help me out.i got out of the snow but the next day it wont move but it starts.
i have just replaced the valve cover gasket for the 2nd time in 6 months. upon removing the old on this time i noticed the person who did the last installation did get all of the old and very hard gasket off. i remove...
I got the p0171 and p0174 obd codes, this happened after my car ran out of gas. I've cleaned the MAF sensor, replaced the gas cap and the fuel filter. My thought is the heated oxygen sensors are bad.
replace lines as required. Also, I was told may need to replace "rack and pinion system? What would that cost?
My car runs great new brakes, and oil service. How much should my 60,000 service cost
Owner's manual says it is the alternator. Is there something simple I can check b4 I take it into the mechanic? Thanks in advance for your wisdom. 97,500 miles
Steering wheel isn't working
There are two rectangular covers on the panels where rear doors would be if the car had them. How do you replace those covers and attach the springs and position the pistons in the springs? A diagram would help.
I know this is a very vague question, but i recently purchased a 2001 BMW 325ci and I noticed a few small oil spots on the driveway. It appears to be forming right under the engine area. again, I know it could be an...
small amount of liquid spilled on console and now right rear window doesn't work-help
I am thinking about trading my 2002 V6 Camaro in on a 2001 BMW 325ci. It looks and rides very nice, leather, wood grain shifter, sunroof, the whole nine yards. However, i know my camaro, i have replaced the 02 senso...
all happened about a week ago.sounds like a blown fuse,how do I locate which fuse is blown
my 04 325ci stalled and would not restart next day it started ran fine for a short time stalled and will not restart. no codes
Engine temp slow to rise and a/c is charged but will not cool down cabin is there avalve or damper stuck and if so can it be replaced with minium tools? Thank you in advance, Bob T.
how to relace disk brake pads?
How many hours does it take to replace a water pump from a certified mechanic?
What type of bulb for right turn signal ?
after driving on a highway and exited, when i stopped on a red light, the idle speed dropped and the engine stalled. This happened twice. Also when i was driving on a highway and hit rubbernecking traffic, the engine ...
I looked in for the fuse in the glove compartment and didn't have one, is there another fuse box? and or a switch module?