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oil and we added , not to long ago today we had to add more it is not leaking oil but it is burning it somewhere anyone have the same problem
Reads -40 and heater doesnt work right have to turn on defrost for heat
I am able to drive the car but the steering wheel doesn't lock when I park so I'm thinking this may have something to do with it. I have checked the automatic gear shift and it's fine.
The radio and dashboard works.
When i drive my car at about 40mph i will stop and then the gas pedal will make a springy noise and then my spedomoter goes out can anyone tell me what that means and what meeds to be replaced .. Thanks
What could cause this? & how would I fix the problem
It started as a small leak but now it seems to spit, it seems to be mostly the driver side and at stops I get the infamous burning rubber smell. All the forums mostly say Valve cover gasket but the location seems like...
The rear noise isnt terrible but annoying like riding on snow tires.
After getting an oil change the engine oil pressure warning comes on. I've had the Vanos line,oil filter housing gasket and oil sensor replaced and the warning light is still coming on. Has anyone Concord this problem?
How to , how hard