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When I stop at drive mode, the car appears like it wants to accelerate. The RPM needle moves a little. Two trusted car repair shops told me they have no idea what it is. The computer is not showing any issues.
i jacked car in the air the cv boot and shaft look ok ,but the driveshaft has some movement ..what should i check
hit a pot hole this morning to aviod an accident and right after my battery light came on and wheel is hard to turn right and left.. but no clicking sound or overheating.. can someone please help
My problem is that when the AC is on in any speed it will work fine nice and cold and the blower works but while driving or sitting at a stop the blower will shut off completely with no air coming out at all. Yet my c...
I was getting the car out of storage and jumped the battery as I have many times before. this time the flashers started and the wipers started wand wont shut off...
the cost of replacing a right side window regulator 2002 bmw 325ci
car was working great, drove it in to the garage and now when I turn the key, I get nothing. Lights all come on, but engine wont turn. Not the starter, or the battery
1999 BMW 323i I can't get my car out of park. the engine light and rear parking lights are on in the console. I haven't used the car for the winter
Over the weekend my husband replace the control arms tie rods and as he was taking skid plate down and a piece of rubber come off now you drive it gets up to 25 mph the transmission light comes on and doesn't want to ...
To fall off just replaced the control arm bushings both sides should I go ahead an chek the strut bearing ? It only dose it when I turn left
Only leakes when engine is on. It flowa from the middle not sure if a bolt goes there or is suppose to be open.
How do i get an estimate for this
This problem happens mostly when the engine is cold, but it has also happens when the engine is up to operating temperature. The ignition appears to abruptly stop firing for a second or two and then resumes functionin...
The drive shaft has a strong vibration and is getting worse with time. There is 250K miles on it. Can the driveshaft be repaired or will it have to be replaced? The carrier barring and pilot bearing have been replace...
minutes the engine hits and starts like nothing was wrong. when it refuses to start, only the engine symbol lights up.