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I went turn off my car and the key wouldn't move it just came out. so I bypassed it with the ignition switch and shut it off then I drove it for 2 days placing the key in the igniytion and using a screw driver on the switch to sart and turn it off. now I come out of subway and put key in and try to sart from the switch nothing happened lights come on but no crank. how can I bypass the switch and start it the steering is not not locked . I need to move the car to drive to a shop how can I start it

The dealer diagnosed that I have one bad ignition coil and said it was up to me if I wanted to replace all six.

Also makes like a loud vent noise as well when so accelerate?? Help please??

Front end radiator messed up smashed in

Pressure washed engine compartment now noNE of the lights on the car work any more plz help

It was in a wreck before I got it my horn doesn't work either

I want to know if a mechanic can put it on or can I. Or where does it go?

I looking to buy a used x5 m series. Is their inherent repairs I should know about. Especially the engine

u warm up the car turn on the headlight it smell burning plastic

when I turn the key over its not doing anything its not sparking at all but when I go to put the 67 in it blows it immediately
what exactly do I need to do or what do I need to replace andf is it gonna cost me a lot of money to do it
it did throw a code but all it said was speed sensor

what can i do? crank but no start! A0B3 fault & (plugs and injectors no power)

mechanical says it caused by ECU?

please advice

I checked the fuses and still nothing happened

I ordered a new key from BMW but they were unable to program it (and of course they want me to make a costly service appointment). Could the transmitter receiver be bad? Is there a fuse for said item?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Just got full fuel service, tune up. Plugs replaced, serpentine belt, alternator drive belt

My transfalse safe prog light came on my car want pull in drive but will pull I reverse I could normally switch the car off for a few min then it go back to normal on my Bmw 740 il 2001

I am considering purchasing a 335i that has 30,000 miles on it. This would be a daily driver. My concern is about reliability issues and maintenance costs.

I currently have an Audi A3 that I purchased new 10 years ago so I am somewhat used to the idea that German cars can cost a bit more to maintain. How does BMW reliability and maintenance costs stack up to Audi?

Clean carfax, and 1 owner car.

Any opinions would be appreciated.


Car sounds like it is fixing to blow up a lot of ticking sounds.

I even checked the fuses

smokes out the exhaust pipe

My car all the just would not start. I put my obd on it to see what was going on an it states. Ignition low voltage.

We do not have a manual so we cant change or add clock data, we can't get the numbers,

I'm considering buying a 535i 3.0L I6 6 speed automatic. All of the service records were kept, car is beautiful, very clean -especially for a 11 yr old car. They're asking $6,900. This car has every option possible, well almost. Anyways. Is this a good deal? What should I look for in the service history, any specific repairs? Is 100k a lot of miles, or considered high mileage for an 06' BMW? Anything I should look for when checking it out? I'm also a 31 yr old woman, so I don't want to get robbed. My husband has to work when I go check it out, but my father in law will be with me. He's good with cars, but he's never checked out BMW's. He's always has Infiniti's. Thank you for reading, hopefully you can help me out!


Where is alternator located?

I opened my radiator cap and there looks like no coolant level? Just purchases the car

I have changed the automatic transmission fluid since then the transmission started slipping and now my car does not move when in drive, could the fluid change have caused the problem

but i went to the bmw dealer and after getting a new 1 and putting it in im still getting the same code and the check engine light and i would have to try like 3 times to turn car on before it will stay on

How much to replace all flat tire malfunction sensors ? Park brake malfunction sensor comes on after about 10 miles of driving .

when I add transmission fluid the car start smoking from the tail pipe and start smelling like bad gas only smoke when adding fluid are idle for a while,must add fluid every other day

I bought my 2012 BMW X5 xDrive 3.0L last March '16 w/ only 35k miles on it, I've put a bit over 4.5k mile on it so far...

A month ago the radiator fans where behaving erratically and very loud, after about a week of this the car went into what BMW refers to "Limp" Mode, turns out that the water pump went out... I had the issue diagnose and repaired by very kind folks at a local European Specialty shop near me: "Woodinville Sports Cars" In Woodinville WA
to the tune of about 1500.00, to say the least I wasn't quite ready to dish out that kind of money yet, I truly wasn't expecting the car to literally break-down at such a young mileage age...

The added bonus is that after they inspected the car and determined that the water pump/thermostat needed to be repaired... there was an additional $3500 + $600Tax and Enviro cost dollars worth of repairs that needed to be done... i.e.:
1)- Break Flush $162
2)- Cabin Air Filter $171
3)- Oil Filter Housing and Oil Cooler gaskets $678
4)- Removing and Replacing Upper Radiator Hose (because it is getting soaked from the Oil leak) $124
5)- Removing and Repairing Steer-Power Pump $1750
6)- Removing and Replacing Suspension Swaybar $314
7)- Engine Spark Plugs $314

So as you can possibly appreciate I needed to sit down and contemplate the thought: Did I make a mistake in buying this car... :-)

After a month Ive come to appreciate that my Car is running beautifully, but I cant help but think that some of the repairs recommended are both very expensive and not really expected for the mileage my car presently has 39.5K miles...

to my questions:
1)- Is this normal for a car like mine
2)- After I have these repairs done... Can you recommend a good way to keep the car healthy?
3)- Is this a car I can rely on lasting beyond 100 K miles, or should I consider selling car now, and rid myself of more expensive experiences?
4)- Do you folks have any info about Woodinville Sports Cars Service? If so Would you recommend them?

I thank you in advance for any advice and answers you can help me out with...

Kindest Regards