loud humming loud on acceleration

Emergency mode light on won't stay running

Passenger seat wont move backwards only forward

The problem started to day and there was smell and loud humming noise.

The mechanic said my front differential locked and I was checking to see how much this cost to fix.

Wont start after driven for a while, and it stalls ever day, when you take foot off the gas or sitting still. Have had starter replaced, battery replaced and mass fuel sensor as well. It idols high and gas runs out very quick.

The transmission malfunction warning system comes on. It goes into limp mode and says continue driving to nearest BMW dealership. Could this be s sensor going bad?

My blower motor is on but will not blow outward. what else can i do?

All the doors are locked and remote, nor key will unlock them. stuck in the car.

My car has been sitting for about a year and I can't start it cuz starter don't work I'm getting it fixed soon but I was wondering if I should do a engine flush. The car has over 100000 miles on it. What should I do after I get the starter in should I start it or what?

I had a Bosch alternator in befor

This is continued since my oil change don't know how it was related except at the suspension was stretched out when the car was lifted into the air?

Acts like out of gas turns over but wont start getting power to fuel pump

Acts like out of gas turns over but wont start getting power to fuel pump

The trunk is closed, can open with key fob, and the indicator on the dash keeps flashing and chiming. I need an estimate please.

I'm guessing linkage. I bought it used,before I lost the gears ,it was hard to get into first,sometimes. Then a week before I lost the gears ,it was getting hard and grinding ,when going to second

When the car is cranked front passenger side window goes down.

Cannot pass emissions. Code continues to activate...

left hand side of muffler - bracket welded to muffler has broken at both welds and muffler hanging on left side.

can i just purchase the gasket or oring instead of the entire turbo?

it slowly draining my new battery,how do i get it to turn off?

i see only one place and it says atf only also manuel has no discussion about it anywhere

car disp[lay keeps going on and off also does the the passenger light oring

White smoke coming from grill when I shut off car

I bought this car because I thought it would be fun to drive. Nothing could be further from the truth. Everything is a pain in the ass including simply putting air in the tires.

Is there a way to simply turn the tire pressure sensors off? I think I'm capable of checking my tire pressure.

passenger door collects water from rain./when it pours, I find water in the door pocet.r

My car had a gear engaging noise from the back after I start the ignition and my electronic shifting gear won't let me shift to reverse from the first attempt it shift after second attempt and the car jerk from the back after I stop just before I take off my foot from the brake pedal while I am driving any ideas thanx

Iam having, trouble opening hood and I also want to do oil change and ha ve no idea how it is is different from other cars I have had

I put the car in nuetral then shut it down for a few seconds then start it up again. It usually happens when Im accelerating

The code that came up said leakage inducing. Misfire on 1 and 3 plug.

My mpg and speedometer not working and I think this is the problem