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Had a new housing and new cylinder lock installed. Now the fuel guage and the speedometer not working.Mileage count same as when I left shop. Everything worked fine before going in to the shop?? Did cluster test it wo...
Recently had new alternator and battery installed after car died on highway. After repairs, car stalled intermittently when slowing down either in a turn or straight.
My fan wont blow, my cart only has 77k on it. when i first got it the fan was loud, then it just quit working. I ordered a new blower motor and replaced everything and it still wont work. Is it the final stage resisto...
Brake lights work. Does that mean its the interlock solenoid instead of the brake light switch?
replace intake a year ago and went to crank it this morning blow intake again
While changing the expansion tank it came out hard. As it sprang out so did a spring and a brass sensor that is shaped like a thumb tack. I have no idea where it came from to put it back. I know just enough about c...
Using the slap shift its like its stuck in a lower gear and wont shift but once i cut the car off and restart it its fine. But everytime i use slap shift the transmission acts up.
oil and we added , not to long ago today we had to add more it is not leaking oil but it is burning it somewhere anyone have the same problem