I keep getting a convertible roof error message stating that it can not open at that time. I had it repaired once, but it immediately started having a problem the day after I picked up my car. The dealer set they reset the computer. It worked once, but the second time I tried to open the convertible it started happening again. Now it will not open at all. Has anyone else had this problem?

need to fix power steering pressure hose just bought ity any tips? and also going to install a catless racing exhaust from magnaflo looks really tight space under hood ne easy way for these jobs?

I have audi tt the emergency flash coming on and still flashing both the engine start or stop and the vehicle lock or discharge battery ..please help

still overheating
What other issues should be looked at

Got a speeding ticket and I KNOW I wasn't speeding. Lawyer wants speedometer calibrated, but shop tells me it can't be done on all the time AWD.

Tried console button to open fuel tank lid to check for tight gas cap and lid wouldn't open. Manually opened it, tightened gas cap, still have same problem. What's up?

won't connect with any reader no check engine lights car running fine.. help

If the rear tire is .2 inches different than the front is that ok on a Quatro?

Windows won't roll down; convertible top, trunk and gas tank flap won't open; and security system won't function. I think that's a relay, but I don't know where to look. Help! Thanks.

Every day. If you turn the ignition on for 10 seconds and then turn the key it does not miss as badly. This only happens on initial start up any time of the day. It has 80k on the clock. Not sludged no fault codes.

Recently purchased used car in Italy. Because of the language barrier and peolple thinking all Americans are rich I'm leary of the price quoted. The shop stated all my motor mounts need to be replaced. The car doesn't vibrate but it does have a deep creaking sound when releasing the clutch out of first and when going over speed bumps. Would this be a symptom of motor mounts or something else. Saw another post about the front sway bar.

This just happened for the first time - any suggestions?

Is a problem, in your mind, buying a used 2011 TT
Coupe with 60,000 miles on it ?

How do I take this housing off in order to get the battery out and then replace the fuse housing? Thanks

I turn the ignition (I have a manual), push the brake and clutch. Its getting plenty of power (and i did try to jump it anyway). But won't turn over. It sounds like it wants to start, and like it will any second, but the engine never starts pumping. Please help!!

Battery drained after about 10 minutes of running. Both battery lights and EPC light on.

Noise has started today. Whinnying noise occurs when driving and also stationary when turning steering left to right. I have checked the fluid level with engine turned off and the level looks ok.? Is it safe to drive to a garage to be checked out?

I have just bought this car and have since noticed small patches of oil my drive way. I have checked the oil level and it seems fine.

if its wet outside when i start up car a loud beeping sound begins which resets then goes off again in this pattern for about 10 minutes

I put the top down the other day and now even when the top is up the dash warning light for it won't go out.Can you please help me fix this. I've spent enough recently on this car and it goes for another diagnostic for another matter tomorrow. Thankyou.

Driving this afternoon and suddenly a beeping noise coming from boot. Hood was down doors unlocked. Have put it into my garage, so as not to annoy neighbours, but it is still beeping ,maybe 30 beeps then stops then on again a few minutes later.
Any ideas what i have to do to stop it, at least until i get it to the garage tomorrow.

Also alarm. I was told there's an internal TSB which terminated in 2009.

Upon starting the car on a very rainy day, the passenger window (driver window hasn't worked for some time)suddenly began opening and closing (sometimes all the way, sometimes just 1/2" or so), did that all day. By evening, the door lock from inside, interior lights, and convertible top had also stopped working (as had the passenger window, but started working again shortly thereafter). The car also doesn't recognize key remote but that seems to be a different issue??