The battery is new, the electronics work,
The car just won't turn over.

They telling me to replace the vss but I need to know how to do it can sumone please show me or tell me exactly and how to replace the vss on the 2000 audi a6...please please I'm in dying need ..

when turning volume up it may go up or down.

No smoke from pipes, very slight fluctuation while driving, had problems with coolant leak last year that appears to be resolved-but sometimes the reservoir may go down and I'll just add a little more...

both lights on solidly. rough ride. concerned to drive distance into city. country outside of Sacramento.

Any connection in these symptoms?

does synthetic motor oil break down? how often are oil changes required if using full synthetic oil in my audi a6 quartto?

For parts and labor

the Car starts briefly,then shuts off. Will there be a check engine light or something similar?

Local dealer and private repair companies use online All Data website to quote hours. We are aware mechanics are much faster than these times quoted by dealership and private repair companies.

It has no leaks

Sounds like its trying to turn on but just wont

Will a Multiple Purpose Switch work?

I tried to time this vehicle but, when i install especial tool on side of block the timing marks on crankshaft pulley does not line up with timing mark on block. Also #1 piston is not all away to the top and camshaft tensioner passenger side is up all away, but driver camshaft tensioner is almost all away down.
Car start but it shows no compression on two cylinders on the driver side bank.
It does not seems the valves are bent because the caps are not loose. I got Mitchel1 step by step procedure but nothing matches to the direction it shows. Please help. Nicholas Wood.

I drove about 15 miles to my sister's house, parked and when I was leaving, the engine turned over just fine, but it wouldn't start. It seemed like it wasn't getting gas or like when the older cars would get moisture in the distributor cap, there wouldn't be a spark. The next day when I went back to my sister's home to meet the towing service, it started right up. I took it directly to a German garage and they couldn't find a thing wrong. So the next time I drove it, I stopped to put flowers on my wife's parents grave site & when I tried to leave, it did the same thing as the first time. Turned over fine, but wouldn't start. We waited for about 5 minutes and it started again, but it struggled a little getting going. We drove 50 miles with no trouble, but this morning it won't start again. Can anybody help? The car shop ran extensive tests on it saying they couldn't find a thing wrong.

car only drives in First (Low). Reverse is good too. is it safe to continue driving like this? i work 40 minutes from home 6 days a week. So im on the road quite a bit. Its a 97 Audi A6 Quattro Avant model.

Locked in park then ac quit.

MIL light staying On and car runs Very rough

Furthermore, the vehicle shakes and struggles to accelerate for 5-10 min then drives mostly fine for the remainder of the day. This happens at the beginning of each day. The Audi also shows signs of needing a new timing belt and water pump as it shakes while idle and overheats a bit. Help!

Also is wearing my tyres out prematurely. I think maybe the stearing rac may need rebuilt. I need confirmation from someone who has had experience with Audi's in the past and who may have an idea on cost.

I replaced the flasher switch and it still makes a buzzing noise. And i still have no blinkers.