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Problem occurred suddenly. Reception was very good previously. Reception now is snow sound with very faint reception in the background. Hope its just a disconnected arial wire. Thanks for any suggestions
Do u think its the transmission? Or the chain in the transmission has broken? Its the first time this has happend. What is the best thing to do to solve the problem?
It will go into reverse but it just revs and doesn't go anywhere. No problems driving just won't reverse, advise please!!
my TT is a really beautiful example of the 2 wheel drive 1.8 turbo model - it is going really well without any sign that the engine management system has put the car into safe mode (lower power etc)but this warning li...
I just took it home from the auto body and repair. The next day when I drove it, upon acceleration from a stop light the engine light came on and was driving sluggish upon acceleration and the engine revs high, doesn...
Throwing codes. P0442, p2293 and p0455. RPM fluctuate at 2000. And car kinda surges after 45 50 miles an hour it doesn't anymore.
I have spongy breaks and have to press almost to the floor to stop. The emergency break doesn't work either. I've had two mechanics tell me the rear breaks are out. One says replacing the master cylinder will fix it. ...
I smell burning oil after driving my car. Smoke comes from under the hood. Standing in front of the motor, I can see smoke coming from behind the left side of the motor.
I have an Audi A4 2.0Premium and occasionally when i turn it on it will stutter like it has a hard time turning on or will cut off when i start it on the first time. The 2nd time i start it, it will turn over fine but...
car jump time and bent valves when we tried to start it after we installed auxilerly water pump. what could cause the timeing to jump, timing belt and gears perfect condition (new last year)
The Blower fan has gone in my 2008 Q7 with 80000 miles. You can hear it knocking and trying to work when putting on the front defroster. Dealership wants 400 for the parts and 500 to install it (4 hours) I am...
Driving the a4 audi while there is a leak from the driver side
haven't been able to complete the dealers compression test due to travel but I understand problem is common
The garage can't be sure until they take the gear box out but this is expensive.Also many local dealers don't want to touch it.
Hydraulic oil is leaking underneath somewhere and causing smoke under the engine
When it is parked and a couple of days go by there is a oil spot underneath and it is clear.can I repair it myself, how would I go about it??? If not would it cost a great deal be I got an audi and a older audi at that
I never had my clutch go out on meat 28,xxx miles. I always had them last until 60,000 miles. From what I read the clutch is a major problem. The dealership is refusing to allow the warranty to cover it. So I have...