in the morning upon the 1st start up the power steering makes loud noise which subsides to some degree once vehicle warms up.

Or should the dealership that I purchased it for that says they cover bumper to bumper on the vehicle responsible?

I accidentally turned my car off while it was in drive. I then came back out later to start it up again after it was put in park and sitting for awhile, but it won't turn over at all. Radio turns on, all of the power options work, but it won't let me even get a sound when I try to start the engine. Thought maybe it was an issue with the anti theft, but the spare key won't even start it. What can I do to get my car started?

On cold starts vehicle will run a while but eventually shut off. May I have some suggestions on what else may be causing this problem?

I want to buy this 100,00-mile car from an individual. How complete an inspection should I get? Could I get a good deal on inspection if I was willing to bring car to shop for work as needed.

My power steering (PS) has been tight @ certain RPM as depending on which hear I am in since my 05 TL is a manual. I was told I need a whole new PS pump since it has a slow lead as well. I was also warned that is the liquid gets on the timing belt that could cause my timing belt to snap. Is this true? It has had this issue for 20,000 miles and I am just tired of dealing with it. Besides a new O-ring does anything link I really need a whole new PS pump? Thank you in advance!

car will not start now

Are when u turn the signal light on the radio cut off to I need to what make that happen ?

Just tring to replace it but cant find it

My car is over heating while im driving car as well as when im stopped. this is happening every time im driving. When the car is stopped and turned off it leaks water.

The front had been replaced before but the back wasn't. Mechanic told me last week the front one was fine we just need the rear one. Can't pass emissions without the sensor.

Trying to link my cellphone to my car but the handsfree link is stuck on booting mode

I've replaced my iac valve 2times. I've bought a new pcv valve and put it in also 2 new throttle body gaskets and put them in. Engine still idles high only when in park or neutral Any help on this would be very helpful because I need to smog it. Yes car runs and drives very well. Still good car.

Driving on the highway suddenly I lost power and seconds later lights on car dies. Sno sound, no backfiring. I pulled over waited 4-5 mins, the car starts and approx 30 min later it happened again. Shop said it was the alternator....new alternator, battery is 3 months olds. Left and hour later same issues...car stalled and starts after waiting 4-5 min...just as before. Took the car back to the shop.... The said O its crank sensor...O well it could be your cam sensor....10-15 min later they said it was the fuel pump. Didn't fix but they added the gas cleaner n the tank, drove home an h hour and 45 min later without stalling?

I am looking for an acura tl in-between 99-03 I am looking for something that needs no exterior work so no dents, dings, scratches. If u have one with a shot transmission or motor or both let me know I will pay cash and come pick it up. I have interior for the car so if the seats are torn, scratched, or not there. If your interested comment down below and I will get in contact with you. can travel to pick it up. Only within the 90 miles of Connecticut

Just replaced my stock radio for an aftermarket radio and now none of my 4 stock tweeters are working. How can I wire them to my new radio to get them to work again?

Now with the new radio in none of my 4 stock tweeters work and I was wondering how I could hook them up and get the working with my keenwood radio.

What can I do?

Just changed fuel pump and relay and gear shift locked. Horn blows and tail lights on.

My car shut down in the middle of the road, started bucking and bogging like it was out of gas but has a full tank. Can someone pleaae elaborate on what could of caused this? It will no longer start now and it is a 5 speed manual transmission