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Just had my airbag module replaced and this light was off is it related?
. My gear shift is locked but I can use key to move to neutral n start the car? Car won't start otherwise.
I paid aamco for the electric test and they said they wanna rebuild my transmission. I say cuz they want the money. But I don't know. I'm told it's a selection gear that's out But don't know how to get to it.
after doing the flush at the dealer week later the transmission stops driving after 60km/h and revs up like crazy. mechanic is trying to say the transmission is gone and if it was gone to me it wouldn't drive at all. ...
I had the oil pump and power steering pump changed and now dealer is suggesting the front struts are bad even though car rides pretty good, no noise or anything else. Please advise...
When it doesn't start it still turns over. When I get it running and take it to a mechanic they can't duplicate the problem. I feel like it could be the fuel pump but I don't think it's clogged up. The lack of popular...
Since i purchased the car i noticed the lights never turned on at night neither outside the dash or steering wheel?
cranks and runs fine first time you crank the car then it just turns over and over with out cranking everyday for a week
I have a oil leak. Oil pan has been resealed, two different bolts in the oil pan has been resealed. I was told the oil pump drive seal was leaking by one shop. I took it to a different shop and had the timing belt pac...
first it started to not go on while my car was in park once in drive it went on a couple of times like it got stuck it also smelt funny once it went on the first time it happened then tried to turn it on the other day...
It doesn't happen often and just the fan doesn't come on
I put in park then go to drive then back to park and it gets stuck and wont start any advice
My car is stuck in park,my Windows won't let down, and the entire dashboard stopped working. .what could be the problem?
I bought a 07 TL. When I put the gear in D it hesitates before it engages(about 2 to 3 seconds) and between 2nd and 3rd gear it delays also.I have warranty on the car. any help would be appreciated
I was driving with the ac on and it just stopped blowing cold air. checked under the hood and notice that 1 of the fans was working.
I'm referring to fixing the common problems by strengthening the parts that most commonly go out.what are those parts?I do transmission work and would like to strengthen mine before I have to do a complete rebuild.
The car has 107k miles on it, almost everything replace. From air filter to t-belt and water pump.
Two weeks ago radiator leaked, only found out while driving as car started to smoke. I stopped immediately and had the car towed to mechanic. Mechanic advised head gaskit is ok but the radiator needs to be replaced be...
I would like to know if these are problems I can fix myself, and how would I go about it?
It used to be getting 25-26 miles per gallon. And I used premium gas (91 octane). What's wrong?