Only when my headlights are on. Only when pressing brakes, the backup camera comes on on the screen and the blinker flicks on and off again. What could this be and is it common

I have a Acura MDX 2002. It act up a lot when I start the car and I have to let it warm up b4 I drive it other wise it will stall. Well now it's getting bad to where the vehicle only stays in when I accelerate and coming to stoops and turns my MDX will stall and all my light are on. Check engine and etc. so will this help if my vales replaced

My vehicle is 2012 Acura MDX and I have about 43,500 miles on it.

Also, I noticed this has happened a couple of times it hesitates going into reverse.

Intermittent issue. At times, takes three or four turns (cranks) for vehicle to start. Took it to an Acura shop, and since the vehicle started immediately, wouldn't duplicate the issue, the shop didn't know what the problem was.

my brakes stutter and sometimes doesn't want to brake .My abs and vtm-4 lights are now staying on,and sometimes my brake light comes on.It all started when someone simply opened my brake fluid cap a few days ago.

Happens 1 X month despite drive daily.

can not find oil filter from under the hood or under car when on a lift

Over the last couple of days I've had to consistently re-enter the Navigation secure code in order to access the A/C and/or the A/C fan speed.

What else could be causing the misfire on all 6 ignition coils if they all have been replaced. It runs much better since the new coils were put in but it just doest make sense

It has 95kmikes

Getsstuck and does not respond

Today was the first time I noticed that and it's been 3 hours and the fan is still on

No codes were given, just the info that it is an internal problem in the system. After buying this vehicle from the dealer, and taking it in for all services for all these years I am so upset. I could use some advice. Thanks.

I went to several shops to get my transmission oil changed, they said the oil is too old and advised me to not change the oil, because this will cause the transmission to fail. "just wait till the transmission goes bad."

Please advise

So had issues with my car not always starting. Seemed like it was mainly when I would drive around running errands so the car wouldn't sit much between. I would turn the key to start and it wouldn't there is no noise like squealing or clicking
All the lights come on and I could turn on the radio if I wanted too so it has power. The problem became worse. The problem became worse took the car to the shop. It of course didn't do this there. There are no codes coming up at all. So they looked and said my battery voltage isn't high enough that I need a new battey because of this it isn't strong enough to start it. Get a new battery and the same issue. Take the car back and they keep it for two days and it starts every time. They put a new starter in. The day I picked it up it starts go home no issues at all. The day after I drive to a few places. Park my car on a small incline at the end of my driveway and now it will not start. I have tried several times. Any advice? Please help! :(

Our navigational system/radio stopped working. When we took the center console apart to find the wiring, we seen that the wires had melted. Nothing else was affected just the radio and nav system. We can't see where the wiring goes from the console. Any suggestions on how to repair this problem ourselves without thousands of dollars??