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alarm goes off, and drains battery. now battery is dead.
clutch pedal does not return to proper position after releasing it had clutch,master cylinder and slave master replaced supposevly what could be the problem yr of car 1988
3 of the 4 windows work, rolled down 2 windows & they won't go back up, thought they were all one fuse.
Where is the PGMFI main relay located?
my car starts up good in the morning after runing 5 to 10 minutes you turn it off it will not start again for several hours.It just turns over.
I recently replaced the alternator in my 92 acura legend. I charged the battery. When i turn the key all the lights come on but the engine doesnt turn over or make a sound. What can i check ?
I recently took my 92' Acura Legend in for what I thought would be a simple tune up and electrical work on power windows. I was told I needed a head gasket replaced and that it would be cheaper to just replace the who...
Ok got a trouble code which says the engine temp sensor is bad can't for the life of me find it and now the car is flooding out where can I find this sensor on the engine????? It is a 1990 acura legend
my speed-o-meter stopped working. and i have to assume im going the speed limit, or pace people. what do i need to do to fix it??
it would be appreciated if you can help me out with a 1990 acura legend fuse diagram/label attached to the relay box cover under my hood. my car doesnt seem to have one
where to find it
my SRS light wont go off.What does SRS stand for?
I am having a problem with my lifters and want to change them out. Can you give me the procedures to follow, ie bleed lifters, what needs to be removed, etc. Thanks in advanced Clyde
I brought my car to a mechanic to repair the air conditioning. They told me the compressor was out, and so they charged me $600 to replace it. About a week later the AC was no longer blowing cold. I took it back, a...
I just had my front struts replaced. All of a sudden, after the replacement, I am getting vibration and clunking noise after the car has been driven a while. This comes out of the front drivers side. The noise disappe...
how do you read the codes on the code box?
when is it time to change the timing belt?
There is a code box under the passenger seat. I need to know if there is a way to find a list of codes on line. The car turns over but won't start.
1. The engine is shaking when am accelarating expecially on a hill 2. The car bings our white smelling smoke from the exhuast and the temparature rises. 3. The D4 light is always binking after a 3min ride and never...
car has 155,000 miles started with getting hot then temp gauge went back down. now just stayes hot. changed coolant and themostat.
Mytransmission will not go into reverse
when i am at idle my car vibrates like wanting to shut down
engine overheats, no heat inside, engine revs up and down at idle.
I was recently in traffic when the person in front of me suddenly slammed on his brakes, forcing me to do the same. Even though I did not hit him and no one hit me (no physical damage to the vehicle), the airbags dep...
My 95 Legend's engine is loud. Sounds like the gas is being pushed when im not applying the gas.
ok, here what I have. first of all the year list above isn't correct, I have 86 legend with 2.5 liter V6 or translate to 1st generation legend. I bougth the car from elder couple and plan to fix it up and I did. the p...
D4 light flashs and speedometer falls to zero miles per hour than back up to speed.
My 1988 Acura Legend used to have stalling problem while driving slow or stopped. And about three weeks after that problem appeared, my alternater went wrong and drained my battery and I had to put a new one in. After...
We've checked the radio fuses and they seem good but no lights are coming on the radio and the antennae is not rising. We've had no other issues with the radio before.