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car began to overheat. Hissing sound and then steam; coolant leaking out from over top of engine area and running down onto ground
we changed the auto transmission fluid but we only got one quart with the old fluid.
when i try to shift in D at 50 mph it doesnt shift. car is fine for first 30 miles. then has this problem
Is this something I can fix myself? Is it the bulb or fuse, switch or control panel?
I'd like to get 2 separate amounts. 1for how much labor I should pay to replace the engine's cooling fan. The second, I have a broken motor mount that needs to be replaced and have been given outrageous estimates. Tha...
My pressure guage still reads 100 but after 3 days the system now blows hot air. I added 2 cans of refrigerant and it blew good cold air but now there is no sign of cold air? I guess I just did not do something righ...
100 and system was blowing cold air. Now 3 days later after blowing the fan for a short trip home it is blowing hot air but pressure guage still reads 100 and the fitting to the low side port is cold to the touch. W...
I tried to put in a cassette tape the other day, and after it spit that out, the whole sound system stopped working. Radio, cassette tapes, everything. What happneed??? are there any easy fixes? how much would they cost?
honda acura says they dont have a code sounds like radio is broken. I had the motor rebuilt and they unhooked everything to do it. Car dont have a C/D just cassette and i cant get it off to go to the radio. My ques...
The car is a 5 speed manual, 4 cylinder, 1.8L. Thanks
I heard it will hurt my engine if the service engine light is on. Is this true?
i scan the car and give me the crankposition sensor the crankposiyion sensor is bad
Can 98 intgra stater fit a acura ls1993
where is the expansion value located. i think my mechanic is working on the wrong thing
Hey all, whenever I try to put my car in reverse, it always makes a loud screeching sound. It does not let my car reverse either.
i have a acura intergra 1992 will the full pump of a hunda civc work on my acura plssssss help
where is the main fuel pump realay
It doesn't matter how fast or slow I'm driving, the steering wheel vibrates while the tires are straight. It only stops when I turn slightly to the left or right. Been doing it for a while. Now just yesterday, th...
how much would it come out to be to change the four shocks absorbers
The first diagnosis of the engine light on was the catalytic converter. Replaced, light off, but only for a day. Then another section of the exhaust system, same result. In short, replaced entire exhaust system from m...
I am looking for a price on an Interstate Group 1 (one) 6 volt battery for an old Farmall Model A tractor. I understand Interstate has these available. Please quote a price for me. If it has to be ordered, i can...
Hi, I had my car engine swapped 5-6 years ago and it's running fine, except when it's not. just had the oil changed and noticed some leaks. Been keeping an eye on the level for a week and seems to retain adequate oil...
door will not unlock or open and key is stuck will not turn nor will it come out
Cost to repair break lines. Junk or Sell. Car has been sitting for sometime. All break lines need to be replaced. Otherwise car in great shape and clean. Runs fine. Minor rust on rear one wheel well. Has 165,000 miles...
Is there a shop that will accomodate the estimate that was given near where I live?
will start with quick start but dies after that burns out
How do I hook up the vaccum hose
is there a bolt or screw on the rotor of the distributor cap, if so where and how do you remove it ....thanks soooooo much