cheak engain light on i think spedmetor problem but icant find lockton

trying to read check engine light where is o b d connecter located

What would be the cost to replace the transmission seal?
I have doe this once 20000 miles ago.


the colder it is outside the cooler the air is. if it is in the 40's the heater is ok, but when it;s in the 20's it just blows semi warm air.

how to fix the timing chain

instructions on timing car

how to time car after timing chain is off

still working

The speedometer stopped working without any other signs. One day it stopped but then started working again within minutes of noticing but now its not working again. The tach works and other gauges. No other signs including shifting changes.

Checked the fuses,they seem ok.I do have night lights.

My car power steering fluid has air bubbles when you turn the wheels in the reservoir. It whines and worst in the am when its cold in the morning. A repair guy said it is a pump check valve? I have done some research and saw it may be a O ring? Any advice?

The lights to my car dash board is dim...maybe Changing the Instrument Gauge Color.

Any advice.

Thank you.

I touched the inside of my door light socket with a screwdriver while changing the bulbs to new LED lighting and noticed that my dome light coutesy door lights and map lights & trunk lights not interior lights including my seat slide dont not work..is it a fuse or something else??

Car sat for 6 months with bad transmission. Car has 79,000 miles on it, had trans rebuild. Car sat with battery connected, just repaired the transmission and put in a new battery. doesn't sound like the fuel pump is kicking on when i turn the key. Could it be Fuel pump or fuel relay?

Was about to enter freeway when car won't accelerate and just stuck at a lower speed. Then check engine light and TC warning light came on. Was able to drive it home, but speed didn't go past 30mph.

I turn the engine off, then restart; It will work fine,until the next occurance.

What is a good estimate

Can you please break it down by cost and labor? Thank you.


changed plugs,cap,rotar and still the check engine comes on even after the code has been cleared by code reader.

every time I turn on the headlights the clock fuse blow off and my dashboard light doesn't work as well the power locks
please some help

My car rattles and squeaks when I apply on breaks and or during turning, in addition, slow accelorations?

is this serious

how much will it cost to replace motor mounts on my car? can i do it myself?

My check engine light came on. Checked it - code P0303 - 3rd cylinder misfiring. Tried to pull the spark plug wire out of the 3rd cylinder and could not do it!! How is this done?

Car hesitates at times when driving

i replaced my egr valve n then i found out that the pathway is blocked. but idk how to unblock it or where it is blocked at.

I think I need to have my brakes repaird its a 2003 cl with 115k what is the average pricing for this?

Where are the transmission solenoids on a 1998 CL 3.0?

i want to know where in the engine is the fue line leading to or rather near the fuel injections/fuel rail?

Radiator has had a slow leak for several years, wonder if I can replace it myself.