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Please tell me how to fix my windshield wipers. They just stopped working today. I can hear the motor in trying to go.
My car has been leaking antifreeze/water. Many people suggest its my water pump, thermostat, etc. I don't know what to replace first?? It overheats and the tubing that follows to the engine has no pressure sometime...
The problem just started recently. The release lever feels normal, however the door doesn't open. Are there any known problems with the release mechanism/spring assembly at the fuel door itself? Any help would be grea...
my car is cutting off and jerking/cruise control light is blinking on and off/odometer is not reading. what do you think the problem is? Do you think it is the EGR valve part # EGR4175?
as of tonight my car wont start-it will turn over and try to start and than cuts off-I've recently tried spraying starting fluid into the intake and it has worked as far as a quick fix, but now obviously i need to cor...
I have an Acura CL and the heated seat lights work fine. But sometimes the seat heater will stop working. When one seats goes off they both do. Usually while I am driving and it stops working, it won't start again til...
Car is great, but over 250,000 miles. Needs new clutch, est $950-$1,150 plus anything else wrong - fly wheel, etc. Be honest - is it worth it?
i had a trans put in my car 3 mths ago and maintence req light came on dash? i was told thier is a way to reset this light>..
I went to make a copy of my car key for my 1999 Acura 3.0CL 6 Cylinder at Pepboys. They told me that the key has a chip inside it so they cant make a duplicate and that I have to go to the dealership for that. They w...
What are the sytoms of wheel bearing problems and how soon do they need repairing?
I have been told that loud noise is wheel bearing problem in rear, could this problem have been forseen when brought in for the complaint of loud noise?
A very loud rumbling noise comes from the car when it is at 20-30 miles
would rotors be replaced without the pads???
just replaced the odometer censer still when it gets hot the transmission fills like its missing when i come to a complete stop it jerks
How to replace Belt for power steering drive
dose some one kno what side is the fuel on and how you would replace the fuel filter on a acura cl 2.2......thax
how is front brake rotor removed
Should I be worried at 165K mileage? Are these cars known for this problem
Next to the TCS light on the dashboard there is a light that appears to be the outline of the car's engine. It stays on when when car is started. What is it?
Initially, sporadic jerking. Month or so later, check engine light came on, then went away. Next time this warning came on, it was flashing, and the gears began to slip. The car drives but it cannot go up hills. I was...
the car wont stay on could it be the fuel pump the plug are new
Have an intermittent no start problem. Engine turns over fine but will not start. Seems like it is not getting fuel or ignition unless you hold the accelerator to the floor. Could be coincidental. What are some t...
My check engine light came on last fall and local auto store indicated that it was EGR valve. I had the part replaced at a NTB in Janauary. The check engine light has come back on, so I took the care back to Auto Zon...
both of my fans not workin whats wrong
Starting last week the temperature gauge in my car has been sitting at the 1/2 way mark which is not typical. Although it has been beetween 80-100 degrees here in DC! It usually sits at the 1/4 mark. When driving on t...
The driver's side seat will not slide back automatically. What can be the problem? how to correct this problem?
How much should a oil change cost?