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how much will it cost to replace motor mounts on my car? can i do it myself?
My check engine light came on. Checked it - code P0303 - 3rd cylinder misfiring. Tried to pull the spark plug wire out of the 3rd cylinder and could not do it!! How is this done?
Car hesitates at times when driving
i replaced my egr valve n then i found out that the pathway is blocked. but idk how to unblock it or where it is blocked at.
I think I need to have my brakes repaird its a 2003 cl with 115k what is the average pricing for this?
Where are the transmission solenoids on a 1998 CL 3.0?
i want to know where in the engine is the fue line leading to or rather near the fuel injections/fuel rail?
Radiator has had a slow leak for several years, wonder if I can replace it myself.
My 01 Acura cl turned on for 3 seconds then shut off, I tried turning on again and sounded like it would start but it didn't. First time I Ever had a problem with my car. I'm thinking it might be the gas filter? Can a...
Car was driving then out of the blue the car didn't want to move when I put it on drive it doesnt move
any suggestion on what itmight be we cant figure it out
my transmission makes a weird fluttering noise while lock up converter is engaging at slow speeds I've also noticed that the tachometer will fluctuate while this is happening
Need assistance in removing and replacing left and right side headlamp assemblys.
When I applied hot wire from the battery the compressor will kick on and work But that is the only way it is working.I replaced the compressor and have checked fuses, replaced the inside relay. Is there something I h...
leak is from pivot point where manual parking brake link attaches to caliper. appears to be rubber boot under a large nut. unable to tighten nut. any solution other than to replace caliper?
it is starting to slip and I just want to know if I should just get a new car or new transmission
I recently had the lower ball joints of my car replaced at the dealership. Subsequently, it does feel like the traction is much better (i feel the road really well now, really feel the tires gripping the road). Howe...
The Acura has 75,000 miles and will be 10 years old in May 2011. The book says the timing belt should be replaced at 110,000 miles or 10 years.
I just bought a 98 Acura 3.0cl and the code is needed for the radio. Could someone that maybe has the same car and the same problem let me know a code to use instead of having to pull the whole radio out. Thank you!
This morning when i crank my car the wiper blades began going off for a short length of time then it would stop. This happened throughout the day while i was driving. Later that night when i re crank my car after my n...
how can you tell if fuel filter is bad or fuel pump is bad
where is the fuel pump locat6ed
What is a decent price for the replacement of the head part and gaskets. The Car gets hot after 30 minutes
I can release the hood from the inside, but cannot get the release under the hood to activate to allow me to raise the hood.
The Dealer replaced my transmission on Sep 2010 but the same problem is happening again. Is this going to cost me? I would like to know what to expect. Email:
Where is the EGR valve located on my 1998 Acura CL 3.0 V6?
Please tell me how to fix my windshield wipers. They just stopped working today. I can hear the motor in trying to go.