I was sitting in my car on friday waiting to start work. I had it running and all of a sudden the car turned itself off. No dash lights no power. I waiting about 10 mins before I tried to turn it back on out of fear. It did turn on and so far hasn't happened again,
It was the first time it's ever happened. Just bought the car about 1/2 a year ago. Took it to a mechanic who said that the car lookes like it was in really good condition.
I would be greatful for any help.

I replaced the EGR Valve as it threw all the codes P0301-P006 then also a random Cylinder misfire along with the P1399 they said that was the EGR valve took out cleaned the best I could and replaced with new. Did nothing else. Still having issues. Engine light flashes when accelerating then stays solid when at higher RMS's. This is a 2001 Acura CL S Type and never had one single problem with this car runs like it just came off the lot. I am shocked to say the least. It does have almost 150K on it so something is bound to happen. It's lagging spitting and misfiring. Should I change the plugs also before taking it to the dealer? I am a female so anything to me is foreign this was just an easy one that I was able to handle on my own. I keep reading about maybe a bad coil. It was pretty grimy and I dug out a ton off stuff. Thanks in advance

I tried using a scan tool and I have no display of Oxogen sendor bank 2. My interest is looking at the fuel trim for bank2., I have a 1997 acura cl 3.0 its the v-6 engine. I need to see if there is a lead wire coming from it and where it connects to the second oxogen sensor.

In August, 2014 it happened in the middle of rush hour traffic and now on Dec 2, 2014 on the 5 in Gorman, CA going 70mph in MOUNTAINS!

50mph winds, rain and it happened literally 15 times total!!! Driving 70 MPH!!!!! Why was I not notified and this car has been with one owner for 16 years!!! Will they replace this for free since it's their PROBLEM????? I am scared every moment I drive this car, I hate it...I literally have more anxiety then I have ever had in my life...


I went to do an emission test and found that there were no drive cycle memory. I did the drive cycle but still have the same problem. Every time I turn off the ignition the memory is lost in the computer. What can I do to fix it?

1000 miles ago. I don't think they can be worn again. The computer code says it is a shift solenoid. I changed a filter Honda said did not need to be after problem had happened again. (Should have in the first place). ? Is will changing to the recommended Honda atf clean up the problem? Or do I just drop in a Honda Odyssey trans?

in the number 4 drive position, feels like its slipping. what could the problem be.

sometime it would start, and sometimes it won't start

Crank sensor

I am doing an oil change in my car, changing all of the fluids and filters. This is my first time doing this on my Acura. I was able to change the oil and filter. Now I am un able to locate the transmission filter so that I can replace it. How do I locate and replace the transmission oil filter?

The front lower middle engine mount is also broken

I need the wire s put back in

i have a broken trans mount and i was wondering how long its gonna take to replace?

The passenger side window works from the passenger control. Again,
my driver's side windows will not work, but the mirror control works from the car's master control switch. What is the problem?

I have a 1998 acura cl, I can be driving down the road and it will die but if I let it coast in will turn right back on and keep going. If I am unable to let it coast and have to stop and try to restart it, it will start but then it sounds like its choking then dies again. After I let it sit for a few minutes it starts up and runs. What is wrong?????

I would like gaskets and spark plug tube seals replaced also

car just died when I punched it getting around a car. Diagnostic test said this is the problem

When I take my foot off the gas pedal, there is a loud clunking, rattling noise coming from the underside of my car. Just had the exhaust replaced from behind the catalytic converter back and the noise started nearly a week after.

Now the shifter won't go out of park until the key is put in the reset sifter slot. And, the brake lights won't come on.

I see many hoses and canister(s) but I can't see the incoming fuel line or where it goes, like into the injector body.

having ignition problems lately and i find a recall on it.
ive replaced my alternator but it still jerks a little coming out of gear also a recall on power train:automatic transmisson:park/neutral start switch. My suspension front control arm lower ball joint recall. these recalls where in 1999,1998,2002,2003

At first, maybe about a year and a half ago, my car would start and then immediately turn off, almost as if a security measure. As it did this, on an infrequent basis, I would notice that this would happen when the gas tank was under 1/4 tank of gas and if I put fuel in the gas tank, the problem seemed to disappear until the gas level became below 1/4 level. Then about 2-3 weeks ago it wouldn't start at all. When you turn the key, it sounds like it's trying to start, but sounds like the process isn't completing, only like half of the process is being allowed to happen (like something's not catching).

The car starts up good n runs when cold but once the car warms up it
When you put it in gear. Once it stalls got to wait a few minutes to restart cuz if i try to start right away it wont start wait about 5mins n it start up fine

Acura cl 2.3 1999