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car just died when I punched it getting around a car. Diagnostic test said this is the problem
When I take my foot off the gas pedal, there is a loud clunking, rattling noise coming from the underside of my car. Just had the exhaust replaced from behind the catalytic converter back and the noise started nearly ...
Now the shifter won't go out of park until the key is put in the reset sifter slot. And, the brake lights won't come on.
I see many hoses and canister(s) but I can't see the incoming fuel line or where it goes, like into the injector body.
having ignition problems lately and i find a recall on it. ive replaced my alternator but it still jerks a little coming out of gear also a recall on power train:automatic transmisson:park/neutral start switch. My su...
At first, maybe about a year and a half ago, my car would start and then immediately turn off, almost as if a security measure. As it did this, on an infrequent basis, I would notice that this would happen when the ga...
The car starts up good n runs when cold but once the car warms up it When you put it in gear. Once it stalls got to wait a few minutes to restart cuz if i try to start right away it wont start wait about 5mins n it ...
Had intermittent power loss condition. Replaced battery, ran good for 3 weeks. It shut off on traffic Sunday on the way home from church, lost power to gauges, didn't want to come out of park. R&r main relay, but it s...
are general maintenance costs higher for this vehicle than for other Honda models
average cost of transmission repair or replacement
I have no spark at the new coil rotor and ignition module still no spark
My Acura has been sitting for 15 months and I replaced the battery with a new one. Before I tow it to a garage is there anything I can try at home to get it going?
Some times it runs okay for days then dies and won't start intell the next day. Some times it runs.5 or 10 minutes then dies. The next day or after it compleatly cools of it will start and run for a while. I have take...
Chilton book gives torque sequence for front head looking at engine from front. Is the torque sequence for the rear head a "mirror" of the front?
When accelating a jet engine whine comes from engine
does the tensioner have to be adjusted
i was thinking can just the round thing in the front of the trans was bad not the pump in front of that can it be badr stop working does any one that if it can work that way
it was like the trans was locked and it was really hard to shift when it was cold as it got warm it was better but now it has stop all together can anyone help out with if u know or what to do
it runs hot every other day .i sometime have lil spots of fliud by my driver side tire.
cat was gutted wit switch hull is still there if i install a performance chip will it by pass over the 02 censors and act right
Just change the stock intake and now its revving too high when I accelerate hard on the gas pedal. Ill be going 40mph and itll be at 2000rmp, but when i step hard on the gas pedal, it jumps to like 5500rmp and dont re...
i had the d5 light flashing and got a new sensor but now need another one, has anyone had this problem/ is it expensive to fix
The Honda dealer said it would cost $355. How important is it to replace on my car with 180,000 miles on it? My SRS light came on about 2 weeks ago.
my mechanic has worked on this car for 9 years can't figure it out??? new pc valve, timimg belt,gold spark plugs, new acura wires, tires great, new air filter, oil change, ozegenators. no codes come up???
i went to a mechanic and they hooked it up to a code reader.
i have checked the oil and transmission fluid and both are fine. how do i change the fuel filter