I have replaced the battery, I have disconnected the battery over night, still the memory buttons (both of them) fail to remember or set the seat to the positions. Also this is an intermittent problem. Meaning sometimes I will press button 1 or 2 and there I go into position. Please help my wife drives to close to the wheel!

Turn on but no start.

Replaced the battery and replaced the belt tensioner and made sure all my connection where tight could it be the alternator?

I have error codes p0455 and p0420. How di diagnos the problem

po code po 118 related-rough idle when first started cold/fast idle at 1300-to 1500. passenger side cooling fan not coming on while left side fan is on,new thermostat and coolant flush and new fan sensor and new pcm sensor but not sure location of correct sensor involved

Replaced the dual linear shift solenoid but it didnt help

After changing the dual shift solenoid, the problem was not fixed. Can anyone help me out?

The car drives some times and other times it wont shift out of gears

6 Cylinder

car died while driving dash went black now car cranks no start check engine light came on 10 min before car died

My battery has been checked and that doesn't appear to be the issue. I am curious to know what the reason for both the parking brake and battery lights could come on only when im stopped at a light or idle. I had a collision repair done to my back right door, and yesterday found out that my power windows for that specific door's window doesn't work and the door doesn't open from inside. I'm taking it to the collision repair shop tomorrow, but I'm interested in knowing if this is an unrelated problem to the electrical mishap with the collision shop.

Thank you,
Rowel Zaya

The car has sat a lot outside for over a year. It hasn't started for 6-7 weeks, 2 weeks ago it started, I filled it up, next day it wouldn't start and hasn't since. The car cranks, but won't start. Battery replaced 5 weeks ago. Lights on are check emissions, check TPMS. Took it to a mechanic, he said the main computer won't communicate with the diagnostic machine. My friend thinks its old gas and I should put dry gas in, the mechanic thinks it could be anything up to the main computer. The original main computer was replaced around 60k, so this is the second. Any thoughts would be very helpful.

When im going anywhere between 20and 30 mph my transmission feels like im hitting rumbles strips for a couple seconds. This happens randomly

After the trans has already been replaced, will the issue reoccur? Are there specific parts that should be used to stop it from happening again?

With steam coming from under hood and all!! Let it cool off and added water. I c no leaks but car runs hot in minutes with pressure on hose. Did I kill my car??

i am a repair shop and would like some info , my phone is 9414843333 prefer to call me on my sell cell i 9418094400

No recent oil changes or repairs done to car. Drove to town and back (3 miles) and had a trail of fluid behind the car and the rest ran out in the garage.