I have an issue. My tl is running good and driving fine. However, I just noticed as I'm driving the "D" in drive blinks green constantly as I'm driving. When i put my shift knob in park, the d in drive still was blinking green .I turned off my car then turned it back on and it went away. But if it comes back on what is the issue. I drive an automatic transmission by the way.

But in the last few years it feels like the car is bottoming out and the tires r gonna fall off when I hit a pothole or go over rr trax. No rattling or shaking or bouncing. Could it b just coils or do I need everything?

But in the last few years it feels like the car is bottoming out and the tires r gonna fall off when I hit a pothole! No rattling or shaking or bouncing. Could it b just coils or do I need everything?

My car is lagging and making a winning noise.

What's in the back of the motor by the fire wall that could be leaking antifreeze

what airport coolant in the radiator it pours and I mean wars the old in the back of the motor by the fire 1 what would cause that

Diagnostic cod p1399

This happens when I'm up shifting. I've replaced many components related to distributor but it keeps coming back, could it be a PCM? Or maybe a ground connection?

1. Broken of lug nuts the wheel hub was stuck so the mechanic installed a used aftermarket spindle, that's when vibrations started, also installed after market drilled and slotted rotors at the same time (car also pulls to the left or right sometimes)

2. Mechanic said maybe the tires out of balance, got it done, still vibrates

3. Mechanic said alignment, got it done still no help

4. Mechanic said bent wheel, changed the wheel still no change

5. Mechanic said driver said CV axle replaced it, still vibrates

6. Replacing the mechanic and looking for a new one.
(and trying to figure out a solution)

I have to jump start or charge the battery after a day of sitting. It is a brand new battery

It's comes out if gear and won't go back in unless I let iff gas

Drives fine then shut off and SOMETIMES IT will not shift right

2003 Tl had plugs replaced couple weeks later car starts to misfire, had timing belt replaced and still misfires.....what would cause misfire?

What would be some repairs that would come about? I'm looking to get at least 180000 out of the car, if that helps! Thanks!

It happened mom when I turned my car on. I am able to change the sensor tomorrow at the dealer I haven't really noticed any major issues or change than the obvious I just don't want to risk on damaging any thing else what should I do? And how bad can the damage be? Thank you

I went to check the cars engine out more in depth once I got it back home. It drove nicely and shifted smooth as well as passed ODBIII test. Practicly got the car for next to nothing. But after checking the oil and seeing it looked lower than when I checked earlier that morning I decided to check spark plugs and a few other things. When I opened spark plug compartment 1 (front left side) it was clean and when I removed spark plug it was just worn and needed replacing soon. I decided to check all plugs now and that when I discovered that 4 out of all 6 spark plug compartments had oil in them. Not just some oil but a lot of oil with one compartment nearly filling it up entirely. How long has it been there? I have no idea. Last oil change was 3 months prior and had been sitting mostly since. Compression tests showed no problems with head gasket either. Not sure if there a leak from valve cover or what. Ideas?

My MDX use to move the side mirrors down when in reverse gear. Now it does this intermittently.

I have replaced the battery, I have disconnected the battery over night, still the memory buttons (both of them) fail to remember or set the seat to the positions. Also this is an intermittent problem. Meaning sometimes I will press button 1 or 2 and there I go into position. Please help my wife drives to close to the wheel!

Turn on but no start.

Replaced the battery and replaced the belt tensioner and made sure all my connection where tight could it be the alternator?

I have error codes p0455 and p0420. How di diagnos the problem

po code po 118 related-rough idle when first started cold/fast idle at 1300-to 1500. passenger side cooling fan not coming on while left side fan is on,new thermostat and coolant flush and new fan sensor and new pcm sensor but not sure location of correct sensor involved