I have had the car since I purchased it new and there has always been times when the car takes a time or 2 to start. Now the car has some mornings where it won't start for a good 10 tries! Anyone find the reason behind this issue?

Intermittently failed while car was under warranty. Now does not work at all. Dealer conveniently does not have records of me reporting the problem under warranty. In looking at other questions, looks like this is a common problem in 2008.

Car drives fine except that code comes on at 60mph. I took out this solenoid and clean debris where it was mounted. I also checked that the solenoid was working properly too. Should I get a new torque converter clutch solenoid or transmission. But at the same time the car drives good with no shifting problems except for that code keeps popping on. What should I do?

Steering is loose ..now car running ..hot..power sterring pump or ?

Will 2001 Acura Cl engin fit my car

When pushing on the gas my vehicle at times takes a sec before engaging again it seems to be happening more regularly your site said something about a recall but acura says there is not one can you explain this and what might cause this problem

My vehicle when driving will suddenly stop accelerating and takes a moment before engaging again has been happening alot recently and i have notice that acura says there is no recall but your site said there was can you explain this please

I have a problem with the power steering in my 2001 Acura CL Type S. The steering seems to be unusually stiff, I have found leaks from the power steering reservoir. I have changed the power steering pump also but it did not get any better. When the tires are in ideal condition there is no problem, but when i steer left or right, there is a noise coming from the steering pump. The oil level becomes zero after i drive for around 3-4 miles. Is it a problem with the hoses and their connections?? Is there a clog in the system?? or has my rack and pinion system broken down?? How do i know when the rack and pinion system is broken down and needs to be replaced as i dont find any sort of leaks near the rack and pinion. Most of the oil leaks right underneath the steering pump onto the ground!!

Battey it drains the battery so i have to change it againg but ones i take the the cables off it dies

when i push the button i hear the motor. so i took my door panel off and there's not much access to the window ect.. so i can see that there is a metal wire that came out of the track and i have no clue how to fix it unless i take the window out and i can't seem to figure out how to completely take the window out????????

As I am driving, the car will turn off and begin to coast. The dashboard is blacken. When I stop it and put it in Park, it will start up and act as if nothing had happened. I just had recent scheduled maintenance done.

Is there anythIng else that I may do instead of replacing the engine. Should I just buy a new car?

and changed the thermostat. what is left to do????

I have an issue. My tl is running good and driving fine. However, I just noticed as I'm driving the "D" in drive blinks green constantly as I'm driving. When i put my shift knob in park, the d in drive still was blinking green .I turned off my car then turned it back on and it went away. But if it comes back on what is the issue. I drive an automatic transmission by the way.

But in the last few years it feels like the car is bottoming out and the tires r gonna fall off when I hit a pothole or go over rr trax. No rattling or shaking or bouncing. Could it b just coils or do I need everything?

But in the last few years it feels like the car is bottoming out and the tires r gonna fall off when I hit a pothole! No rattling or shaking or bouncing. Could it b just coils or do I need everything?

My car is lagging and making a winning noise.

What's in the back of the motor by the fire wall that could be leaking antifreeze