con el auto semi caliente funciona el overdrive, después de rodarlo por 10 minutos deja de funcionar.

I need pictures on what to remove and what to replace. My third row seat driver side is stuck in the up position. If you need more information please e-mail jvandrasek@yahoo.com

Thank you in advance for a reply.

i have a 1990 ford ranger with 4.0 v-6 recently put in head gaskets and upper half gaskets, plugs, wires, fuel filter, checked fuel pressure at schrader valve and it stays between 30 and 40 psi. tried two different coil packs both used and problem continues. computer comes up code 41 which is for o2 sensor.

to re[place? Has 140,000 miles

How are the horns replaced? Do I need to remove the grill and how is it done?

Could this be a big problem?

I hit a cow with mine! The steel under the cover seems to be ok, but I want to replace the plastic cover.

The transmission disengaged while driving. It seems to go into gear but the car does not move. No odd sounds before this failure. I called the dealer and they estimated $2K-$5K over the phone. I towed it to a local recommended shop and they told me $8-$10K to replace the tranny. WTF!!!
Does anyone have a similar experience and what was the resolution. I find it hard to believe that such a high end car would have a tranny failure with only 60,000 miles! seriously, MB should be ashamed if this is the case!

the drive shaft seal was replaced and now it is leaking automatic fluid again.It seems like it was ok till we went over a bad dip on the road and then it started to leak again.

When i start my car and go I put the a/c on and heat and nothing comes on then after about ten minutes of driving it works. It stays working until i shut off the car. Anybody knows the problem

I am trying to replace the belt (#17325) on my a/c compressor but I do not see any kind of tensionor release.

The drivers side floor is soaking wet, not rained in nothing spilled - why would this be soaking, used baking soda and a wet dry vac to clean it up but it just comes back.

How can I do that quickly yet completely?

The uconnect radio suddenly died. Took to dealer they tried resetting it which did nothing. They ordered another radio which turned out to be a remanufactured unit. Now it will come on but only the climate control portion works. It shows a screen wanting a theft code and nobody seems to know where to find it. It is the uconnect 4.3

All others work, I think maybe rain got in there. Is there a fuse that can be changed? I read in manual about a F24 fuse for door module.