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It started 6 weeks ago ABS/brake light was flashing at the same time the dashboard dimmed,flickered and radio turned off and on, at night headlights flickered too.Replaced battery and alternator-did not stop the probl...
air conditioner won't shut off
Happened once so far, Window fell of of the regulator and had to manually raise the window then support it by raising the regulator under it, is there a simple fix?
idles up and down also surges on its own.
my alarm is not working. I checked the fuse did not see one for the alarm. can the alarm be reset if so how
How do i change/replace a PO750 and PO755 cylanoid in a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport with a 3.5L V6 engine?
The steering has become very loose, can move the steering wheel way to right or left before car actually turns. Am not driving until I find out what it might be and how much to fix.
when it rains the windows will not defog and the heater takes a long time to come on why is that ?
It seems like the Subaru cars don't really need the big repairs until after 100K which is the maximum service contract I could get. Is it worth getting that contract? They want $1,800 for mine.
on troubleshooting i got a code of p 0753 shift solenoid a. i know it's electrical. tranny was just rebuit in april. anyone tell where it's located?
sinse the truck was new,once or twice a year it won't start, it will just set & grind, The nexd day it will start right off,When ever I pull my 5th wheel RV my sevice engine light stays on,Diagnostic showed air intak...
The leak is at the driver side of the engine. When i add liquid to it it just runs out. Do i need to move any parts to get to that area?
security light blinks when the car is turned off no problems so far. is it a fuse or should I take it to a dealer and get it fixed
how do i fix my horn when i cant find any horn relay?my car doesnt have cruise control so theres no speed control amplier that its with and i have a manual transmission.i know the horn works when hooked to battery but...
previous night freezing temp and snow, wipers were working. next morning started car, rear wiper worked, fronts were frozen, cleared them and then tried them, and NO GO. checked 20 amp fuse, OK. replaced fuse F5/F7,st...