how to repair the outside temperature display.

took it twice to mechanic couldn't fix it. he told me it was the left ball joint. another mechanic said i need new shocks?

Can slightly feel the vibration. Feels like I may loose a wheel. This is an Unlimited model. Happens occasionally.

sounds like its comming from rear and is a constant humming sound

Have been hearing rear end "whining" sound for about 3 weeks, took in for front rotors, mechanic commented on the noise without me telling him. I had a bad feeling about the rear end possibly going out...now concerned about the cost to fix. Any ideas? They said my back wheels could lock up...it's a 4X4 Rav 4. E-mail schilesmom@aol.com

It only happens when I turn on the a/c. Drives great. Called a mechanic and they told me it was a bad a/c compressor.

having battery problem will this cause shifting and idle problems should i change my batteries and the overhead not working now and all fuses ok. truck sometimes just dead nothing works.

Radiator is in bad shape due to bugs. Have new radiator and coolant, 5 speed

the axle has been on since i had the car, And i the car for 5 years (2006)

i see no visable screws or catches

Few months ago due to recall and check engine light the Toyota dealership changed the ECM control for my car. Two days ago I had the engine light back on. I checked and found the code P0138 but it disappeared a day later. Can you explain this please? Do you think it is conneced to the ECM changed control, and should I take it back to the dealer?

Why does the maintenance light indicator come on? Is this the oil change reminder?

car died driving. ran fine no problems before this happen.had it towed home. ck spark ok.ck fuel ok.ck fuel pessure at fuel rail was 35-40psi changed fuel filter.relaced timing belt 3000 miles ago.ck belt ck timing both ok.pulled plugs clean and replaced.turned eng over with foot to the floor.no start.removed plugs to ck for gas they where bone dry.my ?? is theres fuel to the fuel rail none to the plugs please help .thanks bill.

just bought my Escape 3 days ago. I was driving home from work, which is only 4 miles up the road and I noticed the temperature gauge went up to hot. I wasn't even doing much stop and go, it has lots of coolent in it and everything checked out at the dealer...no leaks, no nuttin.
what could be wrong???

it shuts down whenever and it wont hold transmission fluid it does drain right back out but we think its fine then by the time we get to where we r going its all drained out and the transmission is slipping again...anyone got any ideas on what to do?