Can I get the part online...I also need wires, and plugs....are after market parts suggested or stick to mercedes parts only?

first we had a gas cap error which then it triggered the check engine light. So my bf used his handy dandy code clearer, now it won't even recognize the evap. Please help. We have 3 days left to get it inspected. Oh yea, he purchased a new gas cap today.

please help

rear exhaust gasket needs changing and i want to change it but never done on before is it diffucult

Ive got it unwired and unbolted but cant get it loose from the steering box. I took the bolt out of the u-joint on the steering box by the radiator and cant pry it out to change it out

pcv where is it

heater control valve or dash switch? where is the control valve.any ideas ?thanks

I had an oil change & inadvertently reset the dash language to French while resetting the oil gauge. After doing what was in the manual to attempt to fix, the dash does not cycle through the menu to reset. It will cycle through distance, oil, tire pressure, but after pushing info& reset, no language option. Tried it when it was on & off. It happened in Monro muffler parking lot & they tried for an hour to fix with no success. Any suggestions?

Both the check engine and VSC lights came on,VCS is that traction control? at the time also, my battery failed (it would not even take a charge) I put in a new battery and the two lights did not come on. About 3 weeks later with every thing working and running fine the lights are back on. Is it a coinsadence that the two lights come on at the same time? did it have anything to do with a low battery? Amperage?I'm baffled, does any one have an idea?

I cannot shift the manual transmission of my 1997 Saturn SW1 into the first and second gears when I first start up the car after not driving it for a couple of days. To get rolling I have to search which gear will accept contact. Once I manage to get rolling all the gears will acept shifting into and after driving the car for 5-10 minutes, I have no longer any shifting problems starting from a stand still position.


The car has 127K miles... and is in pristine condition.... is most economical and has perfect compression.

I would very much appreciate any help as to what the problem might be.

Got Service Eng light on. Codes read Cylinder 5 misfire. I removed COP and plug and found cylinder 5 half full of coolant. No other cylinders affected. Can this be coming from the intake or is it most likely the head? Is this a common problem on these Mod engines? Thanks in advance for any info.

if you turn on the recurlate it blows good
is there3 a filter or something?

the other 3 doors will unlock with remote and the inside lights sometimes stay on and sometimes go off.

Drove to Costco, 104 degrees. Upon leaving---no blower fan whats so ever. Compressor is running, was blowing cold.

Last week a neighbor was attempting to back up and gunned the back of his pick up truck into the front of my car.
the e-brake was on and my car was in 1st gear...the car got pushed so hard it backed up over a large curb the underside of the car scrapped along the curb...one of my rear tires was on the grass one over the curb...i tried to park my car in my driveway and all of the sudden it rolled backwards...the brake was on/car in 1st gear/wheels were cut. although the damage to the front of the car does not look too bad im very confused as to why my ebrake wouldnt work. no problems with it previous to this ontop of that it started 1x after that and it wont start now...i just spent $530+ for a new alternator so i was having no problems with it at all.
that it until the ebrake stopped braking.