This happens whenever i go around a corner or brake more than slightly.

is there a reset button. and were is it located

I can't figure out if the wiper motor comes through the dashboard, or is there a way to pull it from under the hood. I need a manual, but can't find one online.

started ran 10 minutes died then won't restart 4 hours later it started ran 10 minutes died and won't restart can u help me its like it is not getting fuel

I'm not sure I feel comfortable taking my car to an off-brand shop. Why is the Honda dealer just down the road from me not recommended? Did they do something wrong? Are their prices higher?

bearing and it seems to be fine. axels are ok too. any other ideas

Must be in New Mexico I have all the parts.... Need a mechanic.

no wires present ,to go by. and no hines manual.

This is a GMC 2004 Envoy.

already changed: water pump twice, therm,. hoses. fan

02 escape 6cyc 2wheel Dr egr keeps blowing a hole in it they say its they BAck converter by back they mean behind engine or very back

Now the car is low again - "Stop car too Low". What is happening now. Mechanic says it will cost $2,500 to fix. What is the problem now.

What does it mean when someone say your differential seals is leaking?

Is it bad to change my car's gas from unleaded to supreme?

cost to replace both re4ar axles