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Engine idle to fast at stop signals what's to go without me stepping on the gas pedal

I recently bought new tires and went to my local ford dealer to have them mounted and balanced. And an alignment done because the outside of my front passenger tire was wore badly and it was pulling to the right slightly. The dealership called me to the shop to show me that the front passenger side brake calipers were locked. And had been for a while. Causing detrimental damage to the rotor. The repair costs upwards of $1000. The truck is a 2012 but only drives long distances of 3 hours or so back and fourth to work. And only has 48,800 miles. My question is why did it lock up. And is there a recall on the brakes

And the more you give gas do you louder no noisy is

How many miles did any of you all have on your vans when you experienced this issue?

i purchase a 2002 jeep grand cherokee, it did not come with a key fob or original key. So when i go to unlock the door with the after market key that i have, the horn will honk until i get in and start the Jeep. My question is, can i get a key fob and key from a local junk yard and have it reprogramed to work on my jeep?

I turn the ignition the car wont turn over?

2006 crysler, pasifica

hear some noise when on highway, hard to tell due to road noise. not tearing up tire

to let the car run for about 1 1/2 hour after start. It ran for 25 minutes and shut down on its own. Now it wont start again.

I was driving in the freeway just fine and my service light turned on whIle my engine roar with the rpm going at four not shifting. My car is drivable but can't shift

The engine seems to tug

had an o with the ceiling know it is bad

need sizes of fuses or relays for RAD fans in large and smaller boxes

once I fill tank go for ride no white smoke but tank goes dry

need to pull the tank and change the fuel pump