Engine Failsafe Mode came on after replacing the Throttle Position Sensor. What is wrong?

Teboth directions sted acuators using battery and it turns but when plugged in it wont turn

Had 3 radiator hoses fixed three months ago and my engine still steams whenever its raining out.

Sometimes its really bad like my car is on fire but the mechanic says they checked everything and it's fine.

Right turn signal is working fine on left turn signal exterior indicators front and rear are flashing fast

Sometimes when im coasting down a hill, my car also cuts in and out without pushing on the gas. What problem do i have?

Do they make any replacement parts? I only get the fan kicking on intermediate with no temp,speed or selection control. Display not working also.

have let gas go empty twice and indicator light did not go on; let oil go down past time to get replaced and didn't go on; Fuses were checked and all were fine.

My 1996 Jaguar xj6 won't go in gear windshield wipers won't come on the blinkers won't come on when I used to put my key into the door to unlock the door my security system goes off as if it was someone breaking into the car after so long it Gos off by itself do you think it's the reason it. Want turn over and shut the car down?

bought a impreza with high temp gauge. owner said needs thermastat. drove car home temp settled down below mid level. have put multiple miles on car no change or problem, except overflow keeps losing fluid. mechanic said ( VALVE COVER GASKET). no overheating,no white film on dip stick or oil fill cap. radiator stays you think valve cover gasket? oxford NY 13830. Has turbo.

its a 2 wheel drive ext. cab

when driving regular speed the car kicks back/jerks only once. It doesn't do it often but i realize it needs checking out. There are no diagnostic codes that appear when this happens. Could it be the oxygen sensor?

First time

I have tried to cut on headlight wipers. the headlights were on and the wipers were on but nothing happened with the headlight wipers

Fail safe mode light came on car would not start

is it a fuse, or blower motor, what is best place to start looking,?