Total lost of mmi no response lights out

when I turn my key I don't hear any clicking the car won't start but the battery is ok the lights come on in the house

all the 7Spark plugs are working, but No ! is not

One of the back lights not turning on

When running at 30mph then let off gas the truck shakes and makes a loud rattle. I have an expedition that does same thing but not has bad.

Replaced ABS module and the same issue. ABS unplugged or removed pulsating not felt. What else could cause this issue.

Theirs blockage by the trunk wall.

Seems to get worse at turning... really bad as you turn it up

I have changed the bulbs taillight bulb board and nothing. When I turn on the left blinker it blinks double and the reverse light on the right side blinks. Is my problem in the swicth or where?

none of the control panel gauges light up when key is in the daytime running headlights flicker on and off and the only light on control panel that flickers on and off is the check engine light I try to start the car but it won't kick over it sounds like it wants too but it doesnt

Every time I accelerate my car i geta very loud knocking sound that lasts until I turn the car off.

When this happened, the car lost power as if it wasn't getting any gas and I had to stop and restart the car. Then the light turned off.

Now the top won't even start to fold down but the back windows go down. Do you think it's a fuse or the motor?

How do I remove L R door panel?

Man i bought used car from said i need new lock for wheel to change rear brake pads