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There is no more detail to add. The question says it all. Does Camry have an issue with rack and pinion steering wheel/leakage of oil ? This is horrendous to 'Japanese' zero tolerance policy which I think went out the...
It just started without indicating any problems prior.
also, all sparkplug wires replaced. 192,000 miles on truck. engine was replaced by toyota on recall at 78,000 miles. when in gear engine runs rough. how can this problem be solved?
hold petal to floor rpms come up and runs good till you stop and start again boggs down
While driving my car this light comes on sometimes,and my car turns off in the middle of the street and all of the lights on the panel go crazy. Already changed the module and fuse box. No codes come up when we took i...
still not connecting using T-Mobile. Almost hour gone by told him go repair tablet come back. Grabbed his cell phone and had tablet connect then said coil wire bad it was 6 which he moved to 5 but really it is number...
replaced fuel injectors and lost o-rings on input fuel line connector, need info on how to put the 2 o-rngs on .or into connector.
Car knocks terribly not sure about slack timing chain tensioners, possible knock sensor maybe?? Did fresh oil and filter change but still knocks quite noticeably... More on firewall passenger side of the engine.... ...
I was told I needed a new compressor & accumulator .....AC comes on, blows hot air, & no leaks, FREON is full anyone has any other suggestions before I have to dish out loads of much needed $$$$$
When I put on the air conditioning, cool air is blowing out of my drivers side vents but hot air is coming out of passenger's side and back seat vents.
State and had 89,000.00 now has 100981 miles has rust