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When I try to take off the car stalles then it's jerks The TC light comes on and D4 gears starts blinking the I have to pull over and turn the car off and restart it..sometimes when the car runs along time then ita no...
Just a day ago (5/26/15) the ABS light and symbol came on. They have stayed on and we thought there was a slight smell of smoke. What could be the problem? How is it resolved?
After I've recharged it and added freon and it doesn't make any noises at all indicating a compressor problem but I'm still not sure what's up...??
It does it when I speed up or just driving. It does it for a little and when I start driving again
Fusion's history report shows a misc. charge in the amount of during 2012 PA State Inspection and 2013 PA State Inspection. I called Penn Dot number on the bottom of the inspection report. Evap leak and third and four...
I have changed the filter,i have tried reseting the shutoff relay in the trunk,it will start with ether.Just hoping its not the pump
I own a 200 chevy tracker for some reason the key will not turn and the steering is locked. But the automatic shifter will pull out of park So frustrated
They said they'd know more next time I come in. I had the oil checked today (before an four-hour round trip), and the oil level was fine. I'm wondering what questions I should ask when I go in again.
have replaced fuel pump,fuses-ok, crank sensor,cam sensor,relay.ran for half hour,then died.cranks good cant hear pump ,wont start. what else could be wrong?