The SCO light comes on and off while driving.

Looking to switch smashed driver door

Unhooked negative cable for 15 minutes.

how much to fix

I changed the battery now driver's side window doesn't go up or down and passenger side goes up and down by itself

Car sounds like it is fixing to blow up a lot of ticking sounds.

Where is the horn relay located and how is it replaced?

Dash lights go crazy

I want to be able to seat another person in the van

When I pour water in radiator cap..It's hitting the ground almost immediately. But I can see upper and lower hose. Not leaking there..Can it be a hole in radiator?

The 6 pin connector was cut off the amp wiring and I need to figure out where to solder the wires on the new pin connector

When i put my car in reverse, it shakes. Also, when i drive, it shakes probably shifting 2 to 3 . P2500 and P2560

was told that the sensor on the fuel pumps went out and that i need to replace the fuel filters in my pacifica. i am trying to find a reasonable price to have this fixed.

Just bought it and have no clue. They are a red and a green plastic toggle switches. On the drivers side, on the lower dash to the left of the steering wheel. Was thinking fog lights and rear lights for the bed, but nothing, could be just burned out or not working. Just wondering what they are for.

I even checked the fuses