Been delaying because cost is $1500-$2000. Happens consistently.

EGR replaced, ignition switch reset, oil and filter complete after car wouldn't start. An hour after repairs, check engine light came back on. Can't pass inspection that way. Went back, the did diagnostic test - actautor?

I'm looking at a salvaged 2016 Acura ILX sedan with some front damage. Ad says it needs new pins to ecu and the car will work but currently doesnt start because of it. Should I purchase? Is it an easy fix? What type of repair man can fix the car? How much would it cost?

It started by volume going up all the way when I turned it up a little bit an all the way down when Turing it down a little bit

Looking at the supercharger it seems to died. my question is, is there a way to bypass the supercharger so the xterra will run. need it to get back and forth to work.

Can my lincoln be hotwired

I am trying to avoid a 500 charge to be safe?

Driving push gas it goes then its like your in neutral push gas no acceleration then it goes back to like in drive. Only have 60,000 miles

Sunroof was open for a period of time, could the wiring gone bad

Vehicle has 275,000 miles on it. When I push in my clutch pedal. I get bearing squealing noise, shuttering, and RPMS drop sometimes to the point it kills the vehicle. Does this sound like a clutch throw out bearing?

i ran the troubleshoot code P0513 on my van.

Will it damage the car if I drive it?

There is a coolant leak thats coming from a hole on the top of the throttle body. There is also a round metal plug that came out of the hole. Any suggestions?

Had to get a tranmisson pump and oil pump also.

Collal pack tune up