When I pull up somewhere, and get out of car, shut the door. Then I lock the doors with remote, return to get in the door handle opens but the door itself will not open.


And it cuts off sometimes but start right back up just put crank sensors and camshaft senor and fuel pump and tune up and a ignition coal patch on

Error code C1219 for a 2010 Dodge Nitro 4L

I don't know how to lock the lift gate.

Dash lights stay on when when you stop engine radio go on and off Here a clicking sound when engine is shut down only happen once and awhile have to unhook bat. so it will not run down

3.4L Engine

steering stop working

Key stuck in the ignition


I replaced the 02 sensor and the light still comes on

I was told tuneup varied from car to car. My mechanic suggested I google what my beetle would need for a tuneup.

Ing in my backs wheels like they are going to fall off

My car wouldn't start I checked for fuel spark and air. All perfect. Turns over strongly. Used a jump wire to try to read diagnostic codes but engine light didn't flash the srs light is flashing

I turned it off and then realized I needed tk go to gaa station and when I turned key. Nothing, no lights or anything. Evwn the cd in cd player ejected. Please help

Idle lope cold ,warm aswell.Goes up to2200rpm