Where would be my first place to check to see what is going on?

So I fixed it and the lights still on and I don't know what it is and I need a smog test and no one will do it

Idle goes up to 2200 rpm then back down.Stalled out today.Did a tune up,plug,cap,wires.Its erratic,cold,warm doesnt matter.

after shutting off the truck i could smell gas lingering in the closed garage

my saturn will start up just fine and will run good till i get to where i am going and shut it off come back out wont start seems flooded wait half hr runs good.

Have to brulp the gas pump to fill the tank up you switch to heater control to vent nothing blows

Making a weird noise was driving thought it was a flat it wasn't tried to stop on brakes they wouldn't move because the tire wouldn't move it's stuck on the driver side .

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna. 3.3L engine.

2013 Chevy Captiva. None of the 3 actuators for the heat/AC belnd doors work. manually moving the blend door results in heat, etc. Blower works fine, heated seats work fine. Lights on the controls work fine. Hard to imaging all 3 actuators are bad. Can't find any blown fuses (identified one in engine compartment and one under glove box to check based on labeling). I am thinking it must be the control head (knobs and switches) on the dash @ $134 but though I'd ask for another opinion 1st.

i was driving on highway and heard an incredibly loud sound in the front of car, as if i had hit something or fell in a deep pothole, however the car didnt dip, swerve, tilt, or anything. but now it is lower in the front than it used to be!! any ideas whats happpened to my car? it still drives.

93k miles, went to repair facility to have timing belt changed they said it has a timing chain and doesn't need replacement. true or false? they did replace the spark plugs

shfter is hard to get out of park and into drive....

Never had this issue with the truck or any other vehicle before. While at idle in traffic, intermittently the engine will start to pulse between roughly 500 rpm's and nearly none. The pulsing will start off minimal but grow to the point that it will finally die. I can throw it into park and restart it no problem, but the pulsing continues. Otherwise I have no problems with the engine while driving. I have noticed that it only seems to do this when in gear, not when in park.

don't matter which mode cold air only when any form of heat is used .cold on driver side

my van is running rough at Idling i change the spark Plug and points