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is it my battery or the starter

The car won't start. It makes a sound when I start it, sounds funny.

transmission hesitate when changes from first to second gear

the fan runs at all times, changed the relay switch but when i turned the a/c on then off the fan still runs what could be the problem

OBD Code P0731 appeared, when checked, it says that the PCM detected that the RPM is not consistent with the RPM for the transmission first gear. Is this required transmission module or sensor replacement? If so, where is that sensor located at? Thank you for your help.

Where's the engine coolant fan RELAY on a 2002 bmw 530i

Im driving and it doesnt react right wheni hit gas like a delay of power or somthing. Plus it sounds like its getting choked out but wont cut off by itself.
And i noticed black smoke and gas coming out my tailpipe

Think fuel fliter is need of being changed but don't know its location on the car

Need to change the fuel fliter on my 2007 mercury montego where is it located on car

My engine is frozen up I need to replace it. How much time does it take to do that

I bought it n they said they put in a different transmission n now it won't stay running it starts n dies right away

I've taken 5 small tests and they read towel rack catalyst converter not complete what should I do?

Trying to find where oil sending unit is located

The car jerk when driving

Doesn't do it if coming to rolling stop and brake pedal doesn't vibrate. Just a noticeable pull