Buick Century Problem Report

Buick Century Power Window Switch May Fail

(68 reports)

One or more power window switch may fail. The affected window may work intermittently before failing completely.

Currently none of my windows work in my Buick Century Limited. I have tried to replace the window motors, but this has failed to work as well. I am worried there might be some other kind of electrical issue going on. Anyone else have this problem? -
I bought a used car, the power switch for the driver side failed, few days ago,it worked for 2 days but when I tried the third day, the window didn't get down. The other 3 windows are working properly. So what should I do to fix? Thanks -
First my driver's side window failed. Had a mechanic replace the entire assembly. Worked for about 2 months, but during that time, both rear windows failed. Now all four windows have failed. I'm hesitant to spend the $800-$1000 to fix them all, after having the driver's side fail. Is it the assembly that is failing or some electrical issue we're missing. -
My dad used to own this car, & he said his windows would get stuck up/down & roll up/down themselves. & all he had to do was clean the sensors under the buttons. Now, I own the car & for a year now, they would randomly get stuck & i'd let them sick for 5 minutes & they'd work fine. A month ago, it wouldn't roll up for a day. Now, they are stuck up completely. & My AC is shotty so I NEED my windows to work. Going to TRY to clean the senors after work. -
switch works sometimes sometimes not sometimes leaving window down visa versa replace switch several time same problem w new ! -
driver side passenger window broke. Looking at how to repair. -
driver side window rolls down on its own -
Same thing sometimes the window will not go down -
windows only would go up and down sometimes at first. it got worse and worse and now they are stuck down I replaced the window switch once and it fixed the problem for a little while now the same thing junk they obviously need a recall on these. -
When I turn off the car the driver-side window rolls down. Sometimes it will roll back up when I push the button and sometimes it will not. I have not found as solution as this problem just started. -
My windows were having on and off problems. The problem was dirt in the switches. Used can air cleaner for computer keyboards. Problem was solved. Use it all the switches and the light switch (a common problem on Buicks)they do not stick anymore. -
3 windows stop working,tried to slam the doors in the hope that motors will work.nothing happened.Buick should recall centuries -
replaced 3 out of 4 window regulators. There isn't a wheel, but a plastic guide which will MELT in hot, dry climates. Paid local shop $350 for first one and I replaced two myself. The last one has gone out at 70,000 -
Both the driver and passenger side window regulators have been replaced multiple times. I have spent thousands of dollars on this problem. This problem started at 3500 mi and has continued over the years. I am fed up! -
Drivers window rolls down on its own and is sometimes very difficult to get rolled back up. -
Front passenger side window sticks and then won't go up or down. Had to replace motor. -
I an hear switch click but window won't role down on passenger window front and back. -
windows only operate from drivers side controls -
took me 2 days too get window up on drivers side -
I bought a new door switch and it still didn't work. Just make a grinding noise when I press up and down buttons -
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