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Power liftgate module may fail on Chrysler Town & Country

Problem Description and Possible Solution
If power mode closes the lift gate—but does not open it—the power lift gate (PLG) module might need a software update.
Problem Data
RepairPal Verified
Average mileage: 111,442 (2,011–254,000)
12 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015
48 people reported this problem
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rear hatch will go up, when actuated from any of the three switches( key fob,,overhead switch, rear switch) , once it approaches full up it jerks and heads back down.
So far I found the control module, reseated the connections, its still the same problem.
any ideas?
When I push the open lift gate buttons the motor actuates but doesn't open or close Lift Gate. The only way it opens is with the key and manual open and close
Rear hatch will go up, when actuated from any of the three switches( key fob,,overhead switch, rear switch) , once it approaches full up it jerks and heads back down. Is this a sensor or software problem?
The power liftgate opens but when fully open drops the liftgate in such a way that anyone under it will be hit hard.
For the 3rd time the rear liftgate on the van will not open. The motor has been replaced twice by the dealership within the last 2 years, now it has happened again. Could it be the warped bumper which sometimes catches the door as it opens and stops it before returning to the closed position. Could that be burning out the motor? This is so frustrating not have access with the rear door, plus it takes 3 weeks to get into the dealer. What needs to be done to fix this issue permanently?
Power lift gate goes up, jerks, and goes down again sometimes and will not stay up
power doors and lift gate will not open automatically but will close
Sometimes tailgate works. Sometimes it doesn't. Always makes noise like latching and unlatching.
Lift gate won't open with key fob, button inside or manually.
gate will not close.
Lift gates closes won't open
Open by hand only then hold open by hand then closes hard unless let down easily by hand
Lift gate has failed on 3 T & C vehicles 2 were the Locking latch and 1 was the motor!
lift gate wont go up when you press the button, but when you put it up yourself and press the button to go down it goes down but wont close
Nothing will open the luftgate, U can't even open it manually
We heard a loud pop while driving with nothing impacting the vehicle at the time. When we came to a stop and tried to open the rear hatch the latch was unresponsive and the door would not lift automatically. However, you can use the FOB to activate the hatch but when it gets near the top of jerks and then comes back down. The door is also offset now and slams against the left side of the rear of the vehicle. If you do not hold the hatch when opened it will crash down hard and close.
Liftgate will not open most of the time with keyfob or button inside. Occasionally it will. However, when open, it will usually close normally. Automatic latch in the liftgate has already been changed. No help.
the lift gate was falling down after opening now when open it's stuck in open postion
Power lift gate wI'll not open once shut.
the latch gets stuck at times, and the door will no longer stay up