GMC Yukon Problem Report

GMC Yukon Power Door Lock Actuators May Fail

(90 reports)

The power door lock actuators may become slow to operate or stop working completely and require replacement.

power door lock on the drivers side will not work. the other three doors work. -
I'm unable to open the rear cargo doors in my 2002 GMC Yukon XL (1500 4WD). I have the twin doors with the fixed glass in the rear of my vehicle. The door handle just flops around and hangs partially open but is not actuating the locking mechanism. I am unable to unlock the right door with a key and I can hear the locking mechanism making noise when I use the unlock button on my remote as well as from the electrical panel on the driver's door, but it is not unlocking the door. I have read a number of reports that see to suggest the actuator has failed inside the door or more likely, due to bad engineering design by GM, the actuator switch is traveling too far over-center and binding in the mechanism, causing the door to lock in place. I have received estimates from a GM dealer of $450 to fix it, but there are a number of sites out there which describe how to repair it yourself if you are adventurous. An aftermarket (but OEM-compatible) actuator costs about $75 where the dealer wants to charge $160 (double that if you have them put it in, plus labor = $450). I'm feeling adventurous. ;-) I read on the NHSTB site that this had been reported 140,000+ times by owners around the country across at least 15 model years...I wonder what it will take for GM to recall it? Also begs the question: Why isn't there a manual door pull back there to facilitate a safe exit in the event of an emergency, such as a front-end accident where the passenger doors may bind? As usual, it will take a tragedy or twelve and social action for the automotive industry to "care" enough to do anything to take responsibility for their engineering failure. -
First the passenger side would work occasionaly It has worked its way around and now only one door works every once in a while. -
passenger front door no power to widow , power mirror, and locking mech. -
passenger door lock not working. F#@* GM. It is hard to "buy American" when Americans make crap. -
Passenger rear door lock will not lock or unlock when switches pressed. -
chevy suv Liftgate Rear HATCH Actuator not working causing the door not to open -
My passanger and 2 rear door locks dont function using the key fab or the drive door lock button -
Rear hatch door won't open and the rear actuater is failing. -
Rear passenger door on the driver side power lock will not lock or unlock from the power lock switch or key fob. It has to be manually locked and unlocked. -
door locks stick or do not unlock -
Back door would not unlock -
back door locks doesn't lock at all -
Same issue with door lock actuators...isn't this a safety issue as when you put the vehicle in drive it no longer locks the doors, and worse, when put into park, the doors do not unlock...makes it difficult to get out in an emergency -
Passenger and rear driver side door locks don't work. Had both of them repaired once when car was still under warranty. Power morrow and power seat issues too -
Remote key lock only locks front two doors rear passenger doors and rear door do not lock! -
Both rear powder door lock actuators will not work. I must manually lock and unlock the doors. -
Removed, disassembled, cleaned and lubricated. Reinstalled, worked fine. About 1 hour to complete. -
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